The data has been pulled to show what states produce the most Boone and Crockett class bucks. See where your state ranks and what your chances are at bagging one of these trophies.


As a deer hunter, I found it interesting to read all this information that was collected from the record books, but more so, it was encouraging to see the spread of B&C entries across the different states.


Although it’s important to temper expectations when deer hunting, a little part of us can’t help but dream of getting a crack at the biggest buck of our lives each time we step into the woods. When trying to determine the best place to hunt these deer, vague statements such as “Iowa is a great state for huge bucks” are common. This information breaks down what counties are breaking records, and why some counties produce more big deer than others.

As I said, you will see that the range and total population of the whitetail has expanded immensely, with mangers now working to either stabilize deer populations or reduce them, and that’s great news for us deer hunters.

This Boone and Crocket Club article is worth the read, and will give you some insight on where to plan your next deer hunting trip.

Image courtesy of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s photostream

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2 thoughts on “Find Out Which State Produces the Most Boone & Crockett Bucks

  1. This article doesn’t even make sense to me. Unless am reading this wrong, the article goes only up to 2001, that’s 15 years ago. A lot has changed since then..I wonder what happened to Pure Michigan’s “World Class Hunting” as the DNR quotes too often.

  2. Surprised and proud to see Mn so high on the list. States like Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas etc, seem to get soooo much more press and attention. I’ve been hunting Minnesota whitetail ( both agriculture areas as well as northern timber) for about 25 years and have always felt we had it good here. This data seems to suport my thoughts. Biggest problem seems to be doe to buck ratios, pressure, and public land availability.

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