You’ve probably heard stories about bass and pike eating ducklings, but are these stories real, or simply tall tales?

Check out the 18-second video below to see for yourself. Mr. Largemouth just had himself a fine duck dinner!

If you’d like to give a duck lure a try, then it’s your lucky day. Savage Gear recently came out with the 3D Suicide Duck, and this spring it was the 2016 Award Winner at ICAST (annual industry-only fishing show in Orlando) for Best Hard Lure.

As the must-see video below shows, the Suicide Duck looks alive on the water. Be sure to watch to the end of the video to see a monster pike caught on the lure. FYI: The 3D Suicide Duck comes in two sizes, 4.25 and 6 inches, and it’s priced at $16.99 and $19.99.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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  • Pete

    That is cruel. It is a domesticated duck baited for video.NOT COOL

    • bobm

      I am a big fisherman and I agree. I noticed that right away. Most wild ducks aren’t that bright yellow.

    • David

      So you”re saying domestic ducks don’t ever get in the water to swim? Yes if does seem a little cruel in the possible set up, but it is what it is. Animals (including humans) eat other animals. If you turn the channel on your TV every time a nature program shows another animals attacking and eating another, then I understand where you’re coming from.

  • NorthernMichiganBoy

    This video is pathetic. Any outdoor person knows this duckling is a domestic duck, not a wild. It was probably put into water to make video!..Outdoorhub David Maas, you should be ashamed of yourself. Get out into the outdoors buddy!.And then people wonder why the anti’s complain!

  • NorthernMichiganBoy

    In fact, this video should be pulled off..Pitiful.

  • mark burnett

    1 sick,pathetic,loser S O B who filmed this,posted it,etc. I was going to watch thinking the baby got away but i’m glad I read the comments first! Humans are indeed the CRUELEST forms of life!

    • James

      It’s nature doing what it does if you dontlike. Stay off the water and out of the woods

      • mark burnett

        Dye Tet??

    • David

      It’s an artificial lure, goof ball. Nothing cruel about it. All artificial lures mimic something predators attack for food (in case you didn’t already know that.) Just a fact a life. If you are vegan in you”re dietary preferences I understand your disdain for this, but if you are not, your hypocrisy or ignorance which ever it may be needs to change. I realize the initial video of the live duckling may upset some people, but you do realize that ducks do spend a lot of time in the water (ponds, lakes, rivers) and this type of thing occurs regularly (called the food chain). You can live in your ignorance or realize it is the way of this world. I do not however believe in animal cruelty.

      • mark burnett

        Simply stating my opinion is all David. I have a friend who happens to be a hunter who saw the video and was just as appalled. As the old saying goes;”Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.” Even a ignorant.hypocritical goof ball like me.

  • Goldrimmer

    As a hunter and a duck hunter, I don’t like this duckling video!

  • NorthernMichiganBoy

    Too David….So it’s OK to toss a domestic duckling into a pond so a video can be made that shows a fish engulfing it?..I understand the artificial lure idea…Really David, you just don’t get it. If you are Dave Maas, the writer of this nonsense. You should be reprimanded. I would fire you. Anti’s love this BS. Shame on OutdoorHub.