Video: Can You Spot the Hunter?


Remember staring at colorfully illustrated book pages as a kid and trying to find Waldo? It’s time to step it up a notch, and to help, Cabela’s has released an interesting video designed specifically for hunters.

In the 90-second video below, you’re trying to find a hunter dressed in Cabela’s new O2 Octane camo pattern. (And spoiler alert: Stop reading right now if you don’t want this hint . . . you’re looking for a turkey hunter.)

On your laptop, use the arrows in the top left corner of the video to pan 360 degrees as you search. On mobile, you’ll need to view the video via the YouTube app and then simply move your phone (turn in a slow circle) to pan the landscape.

Be honest, did you find the hunter in O2 Octane camo before the end of the video clip? Either way, we think you’ll agree that Cabela’s has a winner with its new pattern.

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