Video: These Guys Come Up With a Brilliant Idea – Underwater Bowfishing


Don’t throw away that old ground blind you have laying around in your garage, use it for underwater bowfishing. This clip shows the moment genius and ingenuity strikes, and three guys take bowfishing to the next level, literally.

After having no luck above water, the three guys decide to get down to the fish’s level underneath the surface of the water and try from there.

They cut a hole in the top of the blind to allow for more light and run with this bright idea. Rigging up some scuba gear – with what looks like supplies they found lying next to the old ground blind – and filling up backpacks with rocks, they submerge themselves and start firing away at the carp.

Watch this hilarious video of underwater bowfishing, and maybe it will inspire you to think-up a new method of hunting/fishing.

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