Video: Learn How the Archer’s Paradox is Effecting Your Arrow’s Flight


Who knew there was so much science behind shooting an arrow? In this video, what is known as the archer’s paradox is broken down and explained for you to better understand.

Byron Ferguson – who is a legend with a longbow – shows that there are ways to work around this phenomenon. FYI: Byron can shoot an aspirin out of the air, so listen up! Byron uses a mad scientist-like method for choosing his arrows, and if they don’t meet his standards, he will not put it in his quiver.

He tests the spine of each arrow he uses to determine how much it will deflect, and in doing so, he is able to predict how the arrow will fly.

Even though Byron runs this test on his arrows and is so familiar with his arrows, there’s still a bit of wizardry involved. He still has to know which side of the arrow the wobble is going to be on, and then he lines that up with an aspirin tablet; pretty impressive shot. I’m not so good with the whole science thing, so I think I’ll just stick to using my Bear Archery compound bow instead.

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