Video: Footage of a Huge Muskie Strike


Fishing for musky can be really frustrating. They’re super finicky fish and almost need a personal invitation to bite your lure.

The truth is we won’t catch every muskie that comes to boatside, but that is not the case in this clip. This is really good footage of a following muskie, and shows how important it is to change the direction of your lure as it approaches the boat. Kudos to Capt. Chris Mahan of Castin St. Clair Guide Service (248.672.3197) for this amazing video!

Watch as the Chaos Tackle Medussa comes in next to the boat, and right when the angler begins making his “figure 8 turn” the muskie suddenly appears from the depths ready to strike. It was likely following behind the lure, and that change in direction is what entices the fish to strike.

Check out the video below and read this Outdoor Hub article – How to Catch Muskies with the Perfect Figure-8 to learn more. While muskies can be frustrating to catch, it’s all part of the chase, and that’s what makes it so rewarding when you finally do land one. Seeing a fish as big as a muskie come in hard can make you weak at the knees, but now you know what to do, so get out there and give it a try.

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