Video: Sneaky Hunter Gives Deer a Wake-Up Call


Deer always seem to sneak up on us when we least expect it. Have you ever been nodding off and looked over to see a deer standing there as if it appeared out of nowhere? Your heart jumps up into your throat a little bit, am I right? In this clip, the roles are reversed, and the hunter sneaks up on a deer to give it a little wake-up call it won’t soon forget.

At first, it’s hard to tell what the hunter is doing crawling around in the tall grass on his hands and knees, but watch closely as he approaches the sleeping muley buck.

The hunter gives it a little nudge on the antlers and the buck remains sound asleep. (Why can’t whitetails snooze like this?!) One more nudge, and the muley turns to see the hunter kneeling next to him. The buck woke up then, and in a frantic explosion, jumped up from his midday nap and ran off. The hunter watched and gave him a wave, but the buck turned and ran away.

The hunter, from True Magnum Hunt Club appeared to get a little case of buck fever afterwards, saying how “it might be the coolest thing he’s done.” How’s that for a close encounter?

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