Anti-hunters are attacking a 12-year-old girl on Facebook for posting pictures of herself posing with a giraffe and a zebra that she killed while on a hunt with her dad. Going on a big-game hunt like this is a once in a lifetime experience, and most hunters are only able to dream of such a trip.

Aryanna Gourdin and her father, Eli Gourdin, recently traveled to South Africa for a hunting trip together, one in which they will remember together forever. After a very successful adventure, Aryanna proudly shared her hunting photos on her personal Facebook page – Braids and Bows – with a caption reading “One of my dream hunts for sure.” No problems there, right? Wrong. These photos created an uproar of angry non-hunters, who apparently are the only people on the planet who love animals.

Of the 73,000 comments on one of the photos, some went as far as to threaten Aryanna’s and her father’s lives. Others called her “sick” and “an animal hater.” There were some that supported her, leaving encouraging comments such as, “Let the haters hate! Hunt away Aryanna.”

Let me say this: If I ever had the opportunity to go on a hunt like that, and was successful at harvesting these beautiful creatures, I would be posting those pictures left and right too. It’s something that those people who commented on her photos criticizing her will never understand.

The thing that everyone who was upset by these photos chose to dismiss, however, is that Aryanna and her father were offered to hunt the giraffe because it was “a problem animal, and was eating up valuable resources other giraffes need to survive.” Also, the meat was donated to a local village and will help feed 800 orphans over the next month.

It’s like anything else that I don’t seem to understand about Facebook: If it bothers you and “upsets” you, (que the sad violin music) then don’t go out of your way to view it, because after all, the photos were on her personal page.

As for Aryanna, she doesn’t seem to be phased, and doesn’t plan to give up one of her favorite activities anytime soon. “I would never back down from hunting,” she said. “I am a hunter, and no matter what people say to me, I’m never going to stop.”

Images from Aryannas Facebook page

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9 thoughts on “12-Year-Old Receives Death Threats for Online Hunting Pictures

  1. Ignore these critics. Face book especially, and the whole world is full of know-nothing jerks and there is nothing you can do about it. The freaks on Face book have nothing else to do with there pitiful little lives.

    1. Why does everything have to be about politics. I consider myself a liberal and I hunt every thing that I can grill, fry, bake, or stew. Anything from squirrels to elk. Stop it with all the “must be a liberal” crap.

      1. MIKE , the word ” liberal ” like the words “progressive ” , and ” democrat ” used to represent an honorable viewpoint , held by honest people . I believe most who identify as any or all these words are honorable and honest . However a number of politicians who are neither honorable or honest hide beneath these labels , the same is true of ” republican ” ” conservative ” and ” libertarian ” . People who would threaten , anonymously , a little girl are scum , no matter what they label themselves .

      2. I agree with your viewpoint 100%. It takes a dark hearted person to threaten anyone for hunting something that is legal to hunt. I just get tired of people bringing their personal politics into the comments with nothing else of value to add to the discussion. That’s why it’s called personal politics because no one else really cares.

  2. I am a long time hunter and conservationist, but MEDIA brings a lot of this nonsense out. There are many goofy people in the world, when they see something they don’t agree with, many get hyped/annoyed more and more just because of media..One example recently was a totally sick story by a wanna be writer on OutDoorHub on the domestic duckling used to make a video that showed it getting engulfed. That poorly thought story enraged alot of readers…Anti’s see stupid media and advertising like that story and everything goes downhill…Why even put that stupid story/video on, your just giving them bullets….It drew nothing but condemnation even by hunters…

  3. Looking at that picture of the young huntress who killed this buffalo with a bow— seeing where she place the shot, this little girl was well trained in the hunt with a bow. I as a hunter have came across a deer shot with a bow that suffered, two or three days at least and festered in the front fore leg, bad shot, it was put down quickly. I have never been in favor of bow hunting all tho I do know it is just as deadly as any rifle and a person with a good eye for accuracy I really don’t have a problem with that. Now when it comes to criticizing her by the media —- sorry I’m on her side, she has become a great hunter for her age. One more comment, I do not believe in trophy hunting just for a rack, wall mount (head) if the meat is left to rot.

  4. I’m an old man, about to enter my 8th decade. I’ve been a conservationist AND a hunter since long before the envirofascist movement became “cool”. I read the literature from every side. I’ve heard all the arguments against hunting, and I have always evaluated them fairly and honestly upon their merits.

    I have heard no new credible arguments against hunting in the last half century. None.

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