If you enjoyed yesterday’s Outdoor Hub article, here’s another weird past-Olympic event that debuted in the 1908 games: Running Deer Shooting. This target-shooting event was part of the Olympic program from 1908 to 1948 and was discontinued after that. There were two different variations of the event, single-shot and double-shot, based on the number of shots fired at the target during each run.

The event consisted of a deer-shaped target that made ten 75-foot runs. Each run, which lasted about 4 seconds, took place at a distance of 110 yards from the shooter. The target had three concentric circles. The smallest circle carried four points, three for the middle circle, and the outermost circle carried two points. A shot that hit the target outside of the circles also counted for one point, provided the hit was not on the haunch (butt and thigh). The event judged for a maximum of 80 possible points.


Oldest ever Olympic medalist was 64 when he got his second gold, Oscar Swahn. 3 gold, 1 silver, 2 brons. Great Swede!

In its 1908 debut, Oscar Swahn of Sweden won the gold medal in the single-shot event, and the bronze medal in the double-shot event. Walter Winans of the United States took the gold in the double-shot event.

This is one event that we really want back.

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One thought on “Did You Know that Shooting Running Deer Used to Be an Olympic Event?

  1. grew up shooting deer on the run, but only about 50 yrds, send the dogs in 1 side of the thicket and shoot as many deer as you could when they ran out.

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