UPDATE: Hunters Burned by Under Armour Fire Back


UPDATE: There is now a petition going around on change.org to “Bring back the Bowmars.” Supporters of Josh and Sarah Bowmar are fighting back and now have over 6,000 signatures on the petition. The original petition that caused Under Armour Hunting to remove Sarah Bowmar as a sponsor had 4,350 signatures. 

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In the wake of an online uproar over a legal bear hunt with a spear, Under Armour Hunting has ended its contract with bowhunter Sarah Bowmar.

After the filming of her husband, Josh Bowmar, executing a legal spear kill on a bear – and a slanderous article on The Mirror surfacing – Under Armour began receiving some flak from people in disgust of this hunt and the company’s brand.

The video was posted to the couple’s Bowmar Bowhunting channel in June and was captured in Alberta, Canada. On Friday, Under Armour severed ties with Sarah Bowmar.

The two hunters were left confused, and saddened by the company’s decision. Josh said in an interview, “What is going through my mind right now is just utter disbelief. Anyone that knows animals, they run. When you hit an animal like that, it’s going to run a lot further than 60 yards to evade danger. Which means the bear ran until it died. A bear runs roughly 30 mph. That means it runs about 15 yards a second. So with the bear in the fight or flight mode, running at full speed and only going 60 yards he would have made it there within 4 seconds.”

Josh Bowmar by slogotribo

Aside from the hateful and threating comments from anti-hunters, the two have received a great deal of support from fellow hunters, such as UFC fighter Chad Mendes. Also, hashtags like #standwiththebowmars have been trending on Instagram and Twitter lately.

This really saddens me. We as hunters need to stick together. Please show ur support for my good friends josh and Sarah. #repost We love and care about all of you and wanted to let you know that due to recent circumstances and media attention of a LEGAL bear hunt, @underarmour and @uahunt have terminated their relationship with us due to international social pressure from anti hunters. It really breaks our heart, we lived and breathed the brand for years and gave them everything that we had. We will never speak ill of the company. Just wanted to let everything know our current situation and how heartbroken we are when we did nothing wrong. Receiving that phone call was one of the hardest things we have ever went through, knowing a hunting company would rather give in to the pressures of anti hunters instead of stand up and support hunters for what’s right and legal. We would love and appreciate all of your support right now

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The hunting community is a tight-knit group, we share common ground, on which, we hunt upon. Hunters around the world have been in an outrage, wanting Under Armour to stand by them and back them up. As represented in the video below, “you back us up, we back you up, if you go against the hunters, the hunters are going against you.”

Josh and Sarah own a charity called Whitetail Wisdom. They donate meat to needy families and personally pay for the processing. In the past 10 years, they have donated over 30,000 meals.

It will be interesting to see what Under Armour’s next move is as a brand. As for other UA Hunt sponsor Cam Hanes, he had this to say on the incident, which I think shines some – much needed – light on this whole debacle.


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