UPDATE: There is now a petition going around on change.org to “Bring back the Bowmars.” Supporters of Josh and Sarah Bowmar are fighting back and now have over 6,000 signatures on the petition. The original petition that caused Under Armour Hunting to remove Sarah Bowmar as a sponsor had 4,350 signatures. 

Scent Blocker is having a site-wide sale on all of their gear up until August 31st, and their using the hashtag – #WeDo – to promote it. Their website reads, “#WeDo stand behind ethical, legal sportsmen and women who cherish the outdoors lifestyle.” If you’re one of the hunters that is now in the market for some new camo this season, today is a good day to do so. 

In the wake of an online uproar over a legal bear hunt with a spear, Under Armour Hunting has ended its contract with fitness star and huntress Sarah Bowmar.

After the filming of her husband, Josh Bowmar, executing a legal spear kill on a bear, and a slanderous article on The Mirror surfacing, Under Armour began receiving some flak from people in disgust of this hunt and the company’s brand.

The video was posted to the couple’s Bowmar Bowhunting channel in June and was captured in Alberta, Canada. On Friday, Under Armour severed ties with Sarah Bowmar.

The two hunters were left confused, and saddened by the company’s decision. Josh said in an interview, “What is going through my mind right now is just utter disbelief. Anyone that knows animals, they run. When you hit an animal like that, it’s going to run a lot further than 60 yards to evade danger. Which means the bear ran until it died. A bear runs roughly 30 mph. That means it runs about 15 yards a second. So with the bear in the fight or flight mode, running at full speed and only going 60 yards he would have made it there within 4 seconds.”

Josh Bowmar by slogotribo

Aside from the hateful and threating comments from anti-hunters, the two have received a great deal of support from fellow hunters such as UFC fighter Chad Mendes. Also, hashtags like #standwiththebowmars have been trending on Instagram and Twitter lately.

This really saddens me. We as hunters need to stick together. Please show ur support for my good friends josh and Sarah. #repost We love and care about all of you and wanted to let you know that due to recent circumstances and media attention of a LEGAL bear hunt, @underarmour and @uahunt have terminated their relationship with us due to international social pressure from anti hunters. It really breaks our heart, we lived and breathed the brand for years and gave them everything that we had. We will never speak ill of the company. Just wanted to let everything know our current situation and how heartbroken we are when we did nothing wrong. Receiving that phone call was one of the hardest things we have ever went through, knowing a hunting company would rather give in to the pressures of anti hunters instead of stand up and support hunters for what’s right and legal. We would love and appreciate all of your support right now

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The hunting community is a tight-knit group, we share common ground, on which, we hunt upon. Hunters around the world have been in an outrage, wanting Under Armour to stand by them and back them up. As represented in the video below, “you back us up, we back you up, if you go against the hunters, the hunters are going against you.”

Josh and Sarah own a charity called Whitetail Wisdom. They donate meat to needy families and personally pay for the processing. In the past 10 years, they have donated over 30,000 meals.

It will be interesting to see what Under Armour’s next move is as a brand. As for other UA Hunt sponsor Cam Hanes, he had this to say on the incident, which I think shines some – much needed – light on this whole debacle.

Was the hunt legal and ethical? I’m here to say that I, as a hunter, have no problem with the kill. But in today’s world, what might seem perfectly fine to us as hunters isn’t perfectly fine with people on social media. People who have never hunted don’t “get it,” they won’t ever understand our lifestyle. In the meantime, get out there and make sure your treestands are hung and your arrows are shooting straight. It’s getting dangerously close to the start of deer season, so look up, because it’s almost time to start looking down.

Image is a screenshot from Shed Heads Facebook video

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86 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hunters Burned by Under Armour Fire Back

  1. I take no issue with hunters deciding not to support Under Armour anymore by purchasing their products. I don’t think Under Armour made the right call, in responding so hastily to a legal hunt. However, burning gear just seems wasteful… I understand anyone who decides they don’t want to wear UA gear anymore. But I am sure there are plenty of folks, young and old, who can’t afford any gear and would be happy to wear it. When you can’t go be active outside, because you can’t afford clothing to keep you warm enough, you don’t care whose logo is on there.
    Find somewhere to donate your stuff. Hunters ARE the NUMBER ONE conservationists on the planet. Lets not take up wasteful behaviour.

  2. This was inevitable. Under Armour can’t accept the possible negative publicity as a result of sponsoring any hunters since the general public is not generally pro hunting.

    1. Then they should stick to cheesy T-shirts and get out of the hunting and field clothes business completely and stop trying to be something they aren’t.

  3. It is still beyond me how someone can kill a beautiful unsuspecting animal like that after baiting it.It takes very little skill. You know that bear will come for the bait. All you have to do is wait until the bear is in the right position and harpoon him.Go out in the woods on the bears turf . No bait and tracking. What you are doing is baiting and killing . Not hunting.

    1. So I assume you never eat fish, right?Get off of your sanctimonious, pig-ignorant high horse, “Terry” before you make yourself look like a fool. …oops! Too late! Have a lovely day. 🙂

  4. The issue was the infantile jumping up & down screaming like a kid – ” look what I did!! Look what I did!!” What did you think the antis are going to say ? and what the non-hunting public were going to conclude when all things were said and done. I’m sorry but all that ‘look at me! look at me!’ arm pump jumping up & down on film and on line is going to slowly kill the sport. There has to be an element of professionalism, thankfulness for the animal giving up its life to you and a certain serenity.
    Ever see films of Fred Bear, Howard Hill, the Wensels, or Pics of Paul Schafer acting that way.. ?
    It’s only the last while some hunters choose to display their less than juvenile side like a 6 year old over a new flavour of ice cream. Whoopee! I’m glad you’re happy – do it off camera..
    I only hope that spear was sharp enough to shave with or that bear felt pain!

    1. Old guy, you couldn’t of said it better. I too was taught to hunt the same way as you. Even today, when I’m blessed with a kill, I give thanks to the animal for giving it’s life to me. The calm serene feeling that comes after is incredible!

  5. While I don’t support Under Armors decision and will not be buying any of their products anymore. I also don’t support baiting bears to hunt. Deer are different since most farm fields entice them in and hunters setup next to the fields. But bear? Come on.

    Looked like a decent shot to me, and if it was legal, then why the big deal. Those who don’t hunt need to just let things be.

    1. I’m not a big fan of baiting and I have killed two bears in Alaska hunting without bait but the reason for bait is the amount of unbroken habitat that makes it really tough to hunt bears not to mention it probably is much safer to hunt over bait rather than trekking through the woods in bear country. Preferences aside hunters are hunters and we all need to stick together. Personally I don’t really like the exuberance shown after some hunters make the kill but everyone is different so each his own. The biggest thing here is that Under Armour decided to buckle under the pressure of the very group that is out to end our ways of life and traditions as hunters and that is the main thing here so let’s band together and stop buying Under Armour it is the only way they and others will know that anti hunting will not be tolerated among our ranks.

  6. “Receiving that phone call was one of the hardest things we have ever went through” Really? If thats one of the hardest things you have ever went through, then you’ve been floating down the gravy river all your life. I’m all for conservation, but if killing something gives you a hard on, then you’re a dip shit. Why video it and put it online anyway? Approval seekers are so creepy.

  7. Look at their “selfie.” Dude looks super cheesy and the mouth on that chick with no lips looks like a Black and Decker pecker wrecker. I would do a belly flop on that spear before I would kiss those rock hard lips. Gross.

    1. UN Handy man, I will film you doing a belly flop on that spear, Can’t Wait, It would raise the avg IQ in your area!!

  8. It appears that the anti-hunting trolls are out in force today. While I don’t bear hunt, and certainly not with a spear, I can respect their right to do so if the activity is legal. After all, I can respect to do whatever they do for enjoyment, as long as THAT is legal. I wish they would show some maturity and class and do like wise.

  9. Wow… another corporation playing politics!! What else is new?? I guess from now on, I’ll play politics too and refuse to purchase anymore gear from Under Armour, because it’s made in Mexico.

    I remember Under Armour’s humble beginnings…a true “American Dream” story. Now they outsource jobs just to stay rich and sell overpriced gear to Americans.

    Although some hunters will have their opinions of baiting, the kill was still legal.

  10. The whole thing is suspicious. The hunt was posted right here on this website June 7th, and was on YouTube at the same time. No controversy. That is, until the overseas scandal rag picks up the story. I half wonder if some was disappointed they didn’t get more media mileage out of the original post and tipped off the bias media on purpose to garner themselves more media hype.

  11. Adrenalin ; look it up ! The man took on a bear ,one on one , teeth and claws and massive brute strength against one man , a spear and no back up with a heavy stopping gun . The bear could just as well charged the hunter as run away . Anyone with any knowledge of bears can tell you what level of mayhem an aroused ,wounded bear can do. Josh Bowmar was in an extreme adrenaline rush . If you have not been in a live or die situation and survived it is hard to say how you will react , his reaction was ebullience . The reaction of his detractors sounds like jealousy of those who never will have the temerity to place themselves in harm’s way and experience that adrenalin rush . Underarm

    1. You have no clue what your talking about. I live in the bush on Vancouver island and encounter bears on a daily basis. Just the other day I had a huge full grown 5-600pounder 15 feet from me, they feed on the plum tree’s and berry bushes right behind my motor home.
      I was born and raised in downtown Toronto so this is not something that I’ve grown up around. Bears under 250lbs run away, larger bears (not Grizzlies) are usually just stubborn and pose little threat. They may stand there ground and unless threatened will do just as the Video showed…roam around trying to figure out what you are.(this guys actions really confused the bear and it didn’t understand the situation but was more scared then anything) It was just curious.
      Animals in the wild know that injury can result in death and unless desperate or protecting their young they want to avoid fighting. I carry no protection out here and no one can save me….the chances of a bear killing or hurting me is so small it’s not worth the measly $50 for bear spray. The way I behave is what will determine the outcome.
      The bear in the video was no threat and not even an adult. I’m not an expert but viewing it from my phone it looks no older then 3-4.
      I’ve observed them in the wild without them knowing I was there, the day in a life of a bear is roaming around for fruit berries and bugs. They like to roll around in tall palms and grass, catch salmon in the river and that’s about it. They eat very little meat and are not interested in going after anything that may hurt them.
      What I do fear out here is Cougars and wolf packs, not for myself but dogs and children.
      If taking life for adrenalin is your gig you need to take a look at yourself. These days there are plenty of activities to get your adrenaline fix.
      Our world is dieing and we are a smart enough creature too know better then disturb what little is left. Hunting for survival in extreme rural area’s is one thing but with modern day farming there is no reason why it should be permitted in an advanced society such as Canada, unless it’s to stabilize an out of control population of a species.
      As for this couple feeding 30,000, the same could be done with the abundance of wild fruit growing in these parts which won’t lead to high sodium and cholesterol issues later in life.
      The charity they have just seems like an easy answer for anyone against them and probably makes them feel better about themselves. It probably started off with them killing excessively and not knowing what to do with the meat sitting in their deep freezers.
      I’m not a vegan, tree hugger or animal activist, just a guy with some common sense that lives in the wild and understands what a fragile world we live in.


      1. Don’t tell a bear hunter that he doesn’t know anything about bear. I can guarantee you they know more. Anyways, im not sure what you mean by them “eating very little meat”. Bears can eat up to 90lbs of fish a day. And bears can be very ferocious, especially when with their young. But honestly, that’s not the point. He hunted, legally, in the most difficult way possible. You LIberals…. If he uses a gun, its to easy and not fair, if he hunts the most difficult way possible….. ITS BARBARIC!! Make up your mind.

      2. Holy F*ck that was some tree hugging hippy ranting there. Go away, go to the grocery store, eat tofu or what ever the f*ck you eat… just go.

  12. Yup, I refuse to purchase any more Under Armour. At work, we all wear UA and the fellas are all hunters too. We have all said “Effff under Armour.” Our boycott is on! UA, you’re a bunch of cowards. Why on earth do you even make camouflage clothing to begin with???

  13. just remember…..this vid is the cause of spear hunting being banned in Alberta…..going to boycott hunting there as well?

      1. Do you NEED to hunt the bear?

        Or maybe it’s just sport. And if it’s just sport then it’s just a need to kill something. I don’t think you’ve ever heard your wife say “honey, our kids really need bear meat to survive you should go and get them some” have you?

      2. For me and my family to replace the “crap” that is sold as food in the grocery store, YES, I do need to hunt bears. Also deer, ducks, geese, pheasant, grouse, elk, antelope, squirrels, various types of fish, etc. I also grow enough food in the garden to replace the garbage that is claimed to be produce. You see in America, we have the freedom to do this, “pursuit of happiness”…. One thing for sure is it is NOT up to YOU what other people do, that is legal…. You wouldn’t make a very good judge….. Loudmouth yes, but not a judge

      3. I think what alandeon2 might be getting at is that most people have no issue with hunting to actually consume the killed animal, but that killing for the sake of a trophy, while legal, seems wrong.

      4. How do you know they did not consume the meat or had it donated to feed the hungry? As a hunter, I found the celebrations, the open display of intestines, and the showing of the wound to be distasteful, and unnecessary. They estimate the bear ran 70 yards, before dying. To me that indicates a quick humane kill. The flight instinct in a wounded animal is powerful. Without seeing the autopsy results, via butchering, I would guess that a major artery was severed, and the cavity was filled with blood. Again, without seeing the damage, it is a guess based upon what was shown.

      5. I don’t know for sure what this wiley coyote did with the bear. I was addressing the idea that the hordes are against hunting altogether. While there is surely a vocal minority against it, most are not. I’m part of a different vocal minority, the one that prefers my animal food to have a decent life before slaughter. I buy from a local farm where the animals pasture in the sun and hit up farmers markets. I actually share Ock’s attitudes against the human Guinea pig experiment that is food sold in grocery stores. We just source differently.

      6. IF you consider an animal raised in captivity has a decent life vs. living in the wild. :>}. I live in a rural area and support what you say. Just poking the bear, as it were. Personally, it’s all a matter of choice, which for some is a problem. Choose where to get your food. Choose how you hunt for your food. Many choices, many opportunities to offend.

  14. I think Underarmor stuff is highly over rated. I have a set of Cold Gear stuff, and about the only thing I can say about it, is that is is lightweight. Doesn’t weigh you down, but doesn’t really keep you any warmer. I hardly ever use it now.

  15. I have UA gear and will not purchase anymore. In fact I have some being shipped by Cabellas and I will return it when it arrives with a nice letter suggesting Cabellas no longer carry UA. Instead of burning mine, I am going to put a NRA patch over the top of the UA label, which I believe will add more class to the shirts anyway.

  16. For years the anti-gun/anti-hunting crowd have been sniveling about how it’s just not “FAIR!” to shoot an animal with a firearm, modern or otherwise. “WHAAA! It’s cruel! WHAA! It’s not fair! WHAAAA!”. So this dude attempts to level the playing field and they’re “OMFG! THAT’S SO HORRIBLE! WHAAAAAA!”. You can’t win with them because they see humans as a cancer to the planet.

  17. I am a hunter, and I hunt with both a rifle and a bow. But I do find this killing a bear with a spear and the jubilation displayed over the killing distasteful. The fact that the bear only ran about 60 yards does not, in my opinion, support the conclusion that the bear died in 4 seconds. Since it wasn’t found until the next morning, the bear could have suffered in place for a long time. The whole crew spent several minutes whooping for joy at the spearing and never looked for the bear to see if it was actually killed. And not bringing a rifle or shotgun to put down a wounded or suffering bear was a lack of sportsmanship and more showmanship. It was definitely not a clean kill and showing the intestines hanging out was very bad taste. Even photos of deer killed with a rifle or bow are posed to not show the wounds or even blood from the deer’s mouth. This whole video was in bad taste and I don’t support hunting with a spear.

    1. You are not tricking anyone…. it’s pretty clear you are not a hunter. You also cant “bring a rifle or shotgun to put down and wounded bear” when its not rifle or shotgun season. This was a clean kill, and one that I would hope I get this fall. Don’t try to pretend to be a hunter, we can stand up for our own

      1. You don’t know that he doesn’t hunt you are just disagreeing. I watched the video too and the guy was showing off and acting without class. It was legal but doesn’t mean it wasn’t tasteless

      2. He thinks you can just carry a shotgun with you out of season to “finish off” an animal. That’s why I know

  18. Underarmor is not a very good product. Tried it one time, no more…Other garments much better and less expensive.

  19. It was a completely legal hunt…..and the sponsored woman was just filming.

    YOU FLINCHED UNDER ARMOUR. Hypocritically I may add.

    It’s not like she was a basketball player that decided to involve her self with killing some endangered species for the fun of it.

    This was about a HUNTING GEAR MANUFACTURE that received complaints about ONE OF THEIR OWN BRAND AMBASSADORS being associated with a FRIGGIN HUNT………….she wasn’t even hunting.

    I really wonder what their formal reasoning was to drop the sponsorship.

    ” We are sorry this woman damaged our reputation. Hunting is beneath us….shame on her………we have dropped her…………….wait what? we also have a hunting line? …….dog gawnit………..wait what? it was a completely legal and she wasn’t even the one hunting? DOUBLE DAG GARNIT. ”

    The husbands reaction to his own experience was sort of over the top, but not enough for all this controversy IMO.

  20. It’s all about THE MONEY people. Bomar’s are deeply saddened by a partial paycheck gone!..I am a longtime hunter, but personally I would never injure or kill an animal with a spear. What happened to the term”a clean kill”.The only people that really know how clean this kill was are the Bomars and staff. I still support Under Amour and is an excellent product.

  21. The hunt was as fair chase as it gets, he was on the ground just feet from the bear. There was nothing unethical about the hunt. The kill was as quick as it gets, 60 yards is not very far for a bear moving as fast as it can to travel. Following it up in the dark would not be wise because you can’t be sure it is dead until you actually see it and following up as soon as you have made the shot is also not wise, at least a 30 minute wait would be prudent, because, if, in this case the spear did not do its job the bear may run miles and never be recovered. Waiting till day light to recover it was the smarter move. The insides hanging on the brush was not necessary in the video but does attest to the size of the hole in the bear, which was huge. His excitement is understandable with the adrenaline flow he would have had. (we didn’t really need to see it). His experience with throwing a spear? Does world record javelin thrower mean anything? I would think he knows what he’s capable of with a spear. And it all took place legally so to Under Armour I say”What is the problem?” You turned your back on the hunting community now the hunting community should do the same to you! They did nothing illegal, the hunt was conducted under fair chase rules, the kill was made as quickly and ethically as any could be made. If he would have used a bow instead of a spear nothing would have come of this. I agree the video is in bad taste as the guts and fist pumping along with the go pro footage isn’t necessary to show those who don’t want to see it but then why are they watching the video in the first place.

  22. While I do hunt and fish the hunt was a little hard to watch and it isn’t my style. A “sponsor” has the right to pick whom they want,don’t they? Are we not allowed the right to our own opinions? Who are these people that say we are not allowed these inalienable rights? Probably the same ones saying transgender people and gays are normal and now the hunters are cramming down our throats what we can do and say and think.. F rhem

    1. Understand what you are saying, and it IS a free market, they are free to choose what they want to do, just like companies are free to say no guns in their stores.

      However, that doesn’t mean we have to support them, either. As long as people know Under Armour doesn’t REALLY support hunting (doesn’t matter if its your style or not, the end result is a dead animal, anti’s don’t like that part, no matter how it is achieved) then hunters and outdoors people have a choice to buy their products or not based on their own principles. But if people buy their gear and don’t understand they are supporting a PC-culture, then this sort of education is good. 🙂

  23. While I’m not really a bear hunter, I can appreciate the fact that this was a clean kill as I’ve watched a black bear run nearly 400 yards after being hit through the lungs 3 times with a .270 and .30-06. I’ve also witnessed white tails run incredible distances after what appeared to be an “anchor shot”. I’ve been lucky with archery as I don’t think I ever had a deer go more than 30 to 40 yards and actually had them rum much farther with firearm shots. The fact that a different implement was used shouldn’t matter! People that get squeamish watching should change the channel while they’re cooking their burgers on the grill and go on being hippocrites!
    As for Under Armour, their clothes are made over seas (I wouldn’t doubt in sweat shops at least part of the time) and they are over priced. There’s a company out of Wisconsin That sells AMERICAN MADE clothing that compares VERY favorably with Under Amour and it’s CHEAPER! The company is GO! Athletics and I’ve been buying their stuff online for about 6 years now and am quite happy with it. If we all start buying AMERICAN made things we won’t have to rely on the government to help the economy, It will cure itself!

  24. I can understand not buying and boycotting their products. But They already have your money for the purchase and you burn the cloths, This hurts them how? Wouldn’t it be better just giving that shirt to a homeless person?

    1. No, because that is insulting the homeless person. Their clothing is marketing, otherwise they wouldn’t have their name on it. Better to destroy the clothing and not let them advertise off it.

      1. Calm down, let’s keep it civil. That was sarcasm. As in I wouldn’t offend the homeless person by asking them to wear one of their shirts. Just as I would say the same thing if a warehouse load of “I heart Hitler” shirts was up for disposal and someone suggested giving it to the homeless.

    1. Yeah, I don’t see anything ethical about hunting with hounds either. Too unfair to the quarry. And using scopes? Not fair to the animals. And arrows, well, they are just too nasty. It’s ok if they ban everything except how I hunt. Thanks for your support, comrade. 🙁

    2. Dude u need to watch the video Josh made proving how fast that bear died!! That spear head is five times the size of a broad head which means five
      times the penetration and cutting area! The bear died in under 5 seconds dude… I mean how much more lethal can u get seriously???

  25. I’m a 2A guy, but I’m not a hunter…just because I don’t hunt doesn’t mean theres an issue w/ it. Once upon a time it was the only source for food…for some today it still is part of their source for food

  26. Congradulations Under Armour… you support a corrupt and shamefully lead (in the loosest version of the word lead) organization like Wounded Warrior, but pick a fight with one of your larger customer bases… Hunters and by association shooters in general.

    Glad to see your east coast pussified corporate politics are working out so well for you. Yeah you’ll keep the folks that don’t give a crap, but for the rest of us, oh say a few million firearms owners.. enjoy those next quarter profit reports if you keep this stupidity up.. I for one am done with UA, there are products that are at least as good (oh and don’t melt on ya when there’s a little heat in the crew compartment) if not better for our uses. All my UA crap is in the Goodwill bag now.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am new to all of this, until this controversy I did not know that under armour even had a hunting team.

      I would be very curious to know what percent of Under Armour’s Revenue comes from their hunting division. Does anyone know?

      It could be that all the money they make from hunting is subsidising all of their NFL, Olympic, and other major sports divisions.

      1. The NFL isn’t paying them to wear their gear, come on now. It’s advertising, which is what all their gear is. Less everyday people buying means less people advertising. Under Armour is making all their money off the “active” lifestyle folks. Alienate those folks, or a portion of those folks, and your sales will suffer. I see Under Armour as a fad anyway. From SEP 2015 to JUN 2016 earnings per share have dropped from .23 to .01.

      2. Mike, I’m curious about your logic and outlook on such an awesome fast-growing, well managed, extremely profitable (in the long run for value investors), athletic apparel company that’s clearly setting themselves up for a successful LONG-TERM future. Let me ask you this Mike, how is UnderArmour a fad (in your opinion) when the MLB (Major League Baseball) just signed a 10-year deal (starting 2020) to outfit all of Major League Baseball? I would like to think that an organization such as MLB would never even consider inking a 10-year deal with any company in which they truly thought was just the latest fad in society worth taking advantage of. Another important fact you might want to consider in your strange comment/prediction is that… Back in the day when athletic apparel would become sweat-soaked and water-logged before, during, and after a workout, UnderArmour’s founder and CEO, Kevin Plank, was playing fullback at the University of Maryland and was getting sick and tired of always having to interchange the sweat-soaked T-shirts (worn under his jersey) for completely dry T-shirts. However, he took to notice that his compression shorts worn during practice always seemed to stay dry. This inspired him to create a T-shirt using moisture-wicking synthetic fabric. After he graduated from the University of Maryland, Plank developed his first prototype of the shirt, which he then gave to his Maryland teammates and friends who had gone on to play in the NFL. Plank soon perfected his T-shirt design, thus creating a new T-shirt built from microfibers that wicks moisture as well as keeps athletes cool, dry, and light. Major competing brands including Nike, Adidas and Reebok would soon FOLLOW IN PLANK’S FOOTSTEPS with their own moisture-wicking apparel. Now after learning about key factual events which happened to create and shape UA as an athletic apparel pioneer in terms of moisture-wicking apparel, if UnderArmour is a fad as you suggest, then why on January 21, 2014, an announcement was made pertaining to the University of Notre Dame and UnderArmour coming to terms on UA providing uniforms and athletic equipment for the university?? Might I add Mike, this too was also a 10-year deal resulting in the largest of its kind in the history of college athletics and became effective July 1, 2014. You might wanna reconsider the thought and comments suggesting that UA is just another fad awaiting it’s inevitable downfall/disappearance. One last thing to realize it that their earnings have dropped recently because they are using a bulk of their capital to invest in new innovative product development, new sponsorships, global expansion, and the building of more stores around the U.S. to increase direct-to-consumer sales, foot traffic, and have a better understanding of the trends in which their customer base is being impacted the most in their daily lives. The price of what a company is selling/trading for on a specific day in the stock market does not always equal its intrinsic value (true worth). If you’ve ever heard of a guy named Warren Buffett (the world’s most-profitable stock investor ever), here’s a few quotes that may interest you or even enlighten you…..

        “Long ago, Ben Graham taught me that ‘Price is what you pay; value is what you get.’ Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.”

        “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful.”

        “The best thing that happens to us is when a great company gets into temporary trouble…We want to buy them when they’re on the operating table.”

        “Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can’t buy what is popular and do well.”

        “The most common cause of low prices is pessimism—some times pervasive, some times specific to a company or industry. We want to do business in such an environment, not because we like pessimism but because we like the prices it produces. It’s optimism that is the enemy of the rational buyer.”

        “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price”

        If you were to know what numbers to look for on a company’s financial statement, you may begin to realize that UnderArmour is doing a lot better than what the current stock price is fluctuating at. And if you were to understand what they’re doing with their capital in terms of future development and long-term growth, then you may start to realize that your perception of UnderArmour as a whole is very misunderstood and inaccurate. I would definitely recommend you reading these value investing books in order to view the stock market in an entirely different light and also to learn the strategies and investment styles of the most wealthy and successful stock investors in the whole world.

        – Rule #1 by Phil Town
        – Payback Time by Phil Town
        – Intelligent Investor (Rev. Ed) by Ben Graham (Buffett’s mentor)
        – The Education Of A Value Investor by Guy Spier
        – The Dhandho Investor by Mohnish Pabrai

      3. Are you a shill for Under Armor? For some guy who has no stake in the matter, and instead cares about the ongoing attempts (obviously at least partially successful based on the comments here by hunters obviously willing to sell those out who’s methods they do not agree with) to divide and conquer hunters by animal rights extremists, you sure put a ton of thought and effort into your response. For an individual to respond in the manner you did makes this one pause and wonder what your motivation is. That said…

        Under Armor’s price today is 28.57. A year ago it was 67.36. Five years ago it was ~$76. During the same periods, Nike lost $7 and gained $30, respectively. Adidas gained $60 and $100, respectively.

        They’ve spent a TON of money acquiring companies that have done nothing.

        I stand by my comments that Under Armor is a fad. I will clarify that my comments were meant in terms of what households purchase. From my perspective (being involved with many people who are active but not professionals in sports) there was a rapid up-tick in wear of Under Armor gear, and as time has gone on, being decked out in Under Armor has lost it’s appeal.

        If you are in it for the money, best of luck to you. I’m in it for freedom.

    2. Killing a living being and giggling about it shows a very sick mind no matter what you choose to believe. Budding serial killers take joy in killing defenseless animals. The Bomars and others like them are sadistic freaks.

  27. Bait him up and then spear him. I am a hunter but do not get too excited about baiting up animals to kill them them. The actual term “hunt”, says it all.

  28. I’m a little confused you burn UA clothing who has supported hunting and brought it to the main stream. But you wear Nike shoes that contributes to anti hunting? I think we need to put thought into our protest before making a decisions of burning everything. Hunting brings a tiny amount of profit to UA. Compared to their main source of revenue in sports. Yet they still make hunting apparel and contribute to RMEF.
    I’m not into corporate sympathy. I know its about making money. I am just trying to be logical. It would be nice to see hunters get along and not politicize peoples choices. You see the best thing for anti-hunters. Is to divide and conquer. Just my 2 cents from a guy who just wants to hunt.

  29. I don’t agree with him using a speak BUT it was legal and he did nothing wrong. I personally wouldn’t spear hunt but that’s just me. But I am standing behind him and his wife. I boycott Nike beacuse of their relationship with michael vick. I have bully dogs.

  30. I don’t buy UA BECAUSE they support trophy hunting. To be able to kill something with such ease like this is just plain SICK…SICK IN THE HEAD!!!!!!! They just giggled about it like was nothing!!!!!! Here people is your next or soon to be serial killer! Loser Bom-whatever your name is (WHO ARE YOU? NOBODY in MY WORLD and hopefully soon to be a nobody in everyones world) what a POS…KARMA to him and his SICK wife! What a SICK family!!!!!

  31. These disgusting people got what they deserved! Your’re a pitiful family at that. What a way to kill a huge, beautiful black bear, slowly & cruelly as it ran in fear until it dropped dead. Keep getting your kicks at the expense of innocent animals & then laugh about it. You two are learning a little about Karma & I’m sure there’s more to come. BAITING IS NOT HUNTING!!!!

  32. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it ethical or right. Apparently it’s still legal (in Canada) to have sex with an animal too! Pretty sure that would be rape of an animal since they are unable to consent.

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