Video: Bigfoot Footage Caught on GoPro Attached to Dog


Videos of Bigfoot are always entertaining to watch. Our minds tell us that it’s ridiculous to believe in these big, hairy, behemoth creatures, but we stand with our eyes glued to the screen to see the next “encounter.”

Even the TV shows are entertaining to watch, although every time they’re out in the sasquatch woods howling at each other and whispering “Did you hear that?!” I find myself yelling at the TV screen: “That was your buddy making that noise, you flinging-flanging moron!”

This video, however, is different. Know how every Bigfoot video that surfaces there’s basically just a pixelated blob moving from one tree to the next? Well, this video is virtually the same, but something seems eerily real about it. Maybe it’s just the creepy music. Check it out in the video below and see what you think for yourself.

I’m somewhat stumped by this one, my only argument being: Why didn’t the dog stop and bark? Perhaps he was just as shocked as we all would be to see this hairy galoot walking through the woods.

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