Videos of Bigfoot are always entertaining to watch. Our minds tell us that it’s ridiculous to believe in these big, hairy, behemoth creatures, but we stand with our eyes glued to the screen to see the next “encounter.”

Even the TV shows are entertaining to watch, although every time they’re out in the sasquatch woods howling at each other and whispering “Did you hear that?!” I find myself yelling at the TV screen: “That was your buddy making that noise, you flinging-flanging moron!”

This video, however, is different. Know how every Bigfoot video that surfaces there’s basically just a pixelated blob moving from one tree to the next? Well, this video is virtually the same, but something seems eerily real about it. Maybe it’s just the creepy music. Check it out in the video below and see what you think for yourself.

I’m somewhat stumped by this one, my only argument being: Why didn’t the dog stop and bark? Perhaps he was just as shocked as we all would be to see this hairy galoot walking through the woods.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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  • Alan

    I am interested o Bigfoot everything n in my opinion it’s fake the dog dosnt even react to it probably someone he knows

    • zipper

      – or, some adept video editing

      • Cj

        I don’t believe it’s video editing, I am almost certain that I see the bill of a baseball cap on this “Bigfoot”….. Probably some guy in a gillie suit squirrel hunting or something of that sort

  • trickey mickey

    man with fur suit and a pretty mellow and blind dog

    • Don’tTreadonUs

      You may be onto something with the “mellow and blind dog.”

  • David Atherton

    Does YOUR DOG usually bark at you? The dog didn’t bark because (1) it was its master or a familiar person in the costume and was used to seeing it and/or (2) It was rehearsed and wasn’t surprised by the appearance of said familiar person in costume.

    • zipper

      That’s possible, but most dogs are very keen to changes- Any changes. A friend’s dog that knew me very well went nuts when I showed up one time just wearing a hat & sunglasses. This experience has happened more than once with other dogs, as well. Another refute to your theory is- Yes, my dogs will bark at me, if they’re excited, or impatient.

  • ShadowViperHissatsu

    also along with everyone else’s correct assumptions based on good detective work and plain common sense ….you having a ”see more bigfoot videos” clip at the end does nothing for your case.nice work now get a job.

  • Denise Alexis

    The dog didn’t bark because it was too afraid to. Even bears are afraid of sasquatch.

    • zipper

      You’ve obviously never owned a Real dog. Stuffed toy dogs that you sleep with don’t count, Denise.

    • Don’tTreadonUs

      LOL! I have a tiny little miniature Dachshund and he is not afraid of anything. Couple of days ago he attacked a full grown raccoon that was easily 2-3 times his size. He wouldn’t have a problem going after a bigfoot if they were real. His name is Sterling Silver, our very own miniature “man at arms.” However, he is a “genetic chimera” so that may have something to do with how he behaves toward anything he perceives as a threat to his domain.

  • Mike

    Outdoor Hub has become a joke. This is just another example of the crap videos they have been
    showing on a regular basis. C’mon OH, we deserve better.

    • Snug

      Mike , chill out ! Tall tales and weird stories are as much a part of enjoying the outdoors as awesome sunrises and magnificent scenery .

  • Snug

    BIGFOOT IS REAL ! I have seen his shoe . It was on display in Reading ,Pennsylvania outside a Flagg shoe store . I believe it was a size EIGHTY-FOUR ! The shoe was real , this video is not .

    • zipper

      Yes, Bigfoot IS real. It’s actually my buddy’s ex-wife. He took her camping in the boonies and “lost” her. She’s been wandering around the woods ever since, unshaven & unbathed. LOL

  • zipper

    Gotta love these “proves Bigfoot is real” videos(or photos). This one is as fake as all the rest.
    First, notice how these all are out of focus, at long distances, and the “Bigfoot” is on view for just a few seconds.
    Second, the “Bigfoot” is always running away- no chance of a good look as it approaches; how convenient.
    Third, in this case, the dog is just loafing along like he’s going for a walk in the park. Any one of my dogs would
    have had their nose to the ground, or air-scenting the beast. Then they would be off like a shot after it.
    Fourth, this “Bigfoot” looks to be about the size of a normal guy. Bigfoot is supposed to be something like 8-9 ft. tall.

    Seems like some people will do anything for 1-1/2 minutes of “fame.”

    • Chuck Wagon

      I fully agree. Total crap video. Just us all talking about it here on this forum is what the fakers wanted in the first place. If anything and if it wasn’t these video producers who staged it all, it was either: A) a hunter in a ghillie suit; B) a marijuana grower, tending to his grow; or C) a homeless transient with a big coat on.

    • Don’tTreadonUs

      Yep, and with all of the game cameras out there in the woods these days someone would have had to caught some really good footage by now instead of all this out of focus crap they always show.

  • I’m ready when you all are

    Dog didn’t bark because it was someone he knew or smelled. Good try though by the person in the bigfoot suit.

  • thebeerdude

    That’s a Bigfart, not a Bigfoot.

  • Jamie

    Anybody that owns a dog knows that he/she would have taken off running after it had it been a real bigfoot.

  • Godfrey Daniel

    Dog says; “Hi, owner person. Nice furry suit. How about a dog bone for not running up and licking you.”

    • Mr Hill


  • Larry Kelley Jr

    That dog must have bad eye site and its nose is broke. Any dog would have picked up on its smell way before the video fought the image. My dog can pickup on smell real good. And if it’s something she is not sure of her instincts she always backs up a couple steps. Then if she knows what it is or who it is she will react with aggression on she will calm down. I say the dog new who it was .

  • Sam

    Was that a housing development in the tree clearing?

  • Matthew McBee

    We find dinosaurs bones from millions of years in the past.. yet no one has found 1 Bigfoot bone or any kind sign of it. BIGFOOT IS NOT REAL.. NEVER WAS and NEVER WILL BE!

    • Tony A

      Not going to argue about your statement ,however, there is tangible evidence via DNA ,hair ,and fecal matter of an unknown primate,as to weather this primate still exists,I dont know, Your statement of “never was” is wrong as Gigantopithicus , has been proven to have walked among man as recent as 30k years ago. Additionally how can you make that statement , when thousands of people,including,law enforcement, military and science people have all been eyewitnesses to unknwon bipedal primate appearing creatures.
      “Science is the investigation of the unknown,not the explanation of the un-investigated”

      • Don’tTreadonUs

        Don’t forget how “unreliable” witnesses can be. Look it up, you will be shocked.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Um, maybe that was bigfoot’s dog to begin with.

  • Richard German

    Just like all the other fake Bigfoot footage. Walking from left to right or right to left with a quick glimpse at the camera. If they were real, how come they never seem that afraid of the camera man. Why don’t they bolt. You never see one running. And yet they’re supposedly shy and extremely hard to find. My big question is where do they sleep? How do they’re hands and feet survive the harsh winters. If i ever see one I’m going to run it down and beat the hell out of it and tie em up and bring it home. Whatever.

    • Chris

      Well I would love to see you try to beat up one! I have seen one and I don’t think you would want to try it. I am over six foot tall, and I was looking up at the thing. It scared the hell out of me, and I don’t scare easy.

      • terry moberg

        I believe you Chris, but in this video I believe it is somebody the dog knew because he (she) was to calm.

      • Bungabus

        My Border collie comes in contact with lots of game animals bears deer etc.she never gives chase or reacts negatively…

    • Don’tTreadonUs

      LOL! I’d pay a dollar to see that!

  • Flash


  • Dave

    I DO know that’s a Bernese Mountain Dog.