10-Foot Snakeskin Found Along Maine Riverbank


Authorities in Westbrook, Maine, have warned the public about snakes after a large snakeskin was found near the Presumpscot River.

Westbrook police said they have been searching for a 10-foot snake since June after a woman reported seeing it near a playground, a very scary place to see a snake that big.

The snakeskin was found near Riverban Park at around 3 p.m., Police Chief Janine Roberts said, and they are still trying to determine the type of snake responsible for the shed snakeskin.

The big snake was said to be “the length of a truck with a head the size of a soccer ball.” Police officers even observed the reptile eating a beaver!

If you’re living in Maine of visiting there soon, keep an eye out for this truck-sized, beaver-eating snake.

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