Authorities in Westbrook, Maine, have warned the public about snakes after a large snakeskin was found near the Presumpscot River.

Westbrook police said they have been searching for a 10-foot snake since June after a woman reported seeing it near a playground, a very scary place to see a snake that big.

The snakeskin was found near Riverban Park at around 3 p.m., Police Chief Janine Roberts said, and they are still trying to determine the type of snake responsible for the shed snakeskin.

The big snake was said to be “the length of a truck with a head the size of a soccer ball.” Police officers even observed the reptile eating a beaver!

If you’re living in Maine of visiting there soon, keep an eye out for this truck-sized, beaver-eating snake.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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5 thoughts on “10-Foot Snakeskin Found Along Maine Riverbank

  1. Burmese Pythons are completely harmless to begin with and pose no danger whatsoever. No Python could survive a Maine winter outdoors since they are tropical snake. This sounds like the usual ignorant snake BS to me. “Head the size of a soccer ball”, indeed ! People are so dumb.

    1. How do you know the snake in question is a Burmese Python ? Were you the irresponsible idiot who threw away a large tropical reptile to die when winter came ? As for your opinion that a ten foot long snake capable of consuming a beaver is harmless , I question your judgement . If it swallowed a beaver, it can swallow a small child .

  2. The length of a snake skin is much longer than the snake itself. This is one way folks exaggerate the length of a snake when they skin it. The scales pull far apart when off the snake. As an old snake hunter and biology professor I am well aware of tales people tell about snakes. I used to tell my classes that it is hard to judge the size and speed of a snake when you are stumbling backwards over rocks. A snake even close to this length is probably a boa/python type snake and it is too bad it will probably not survive a Maine winter. I lived there for 10 years and have experienced the winters. Snake jaws disarticulate to swallow prey so even a 20 footer does not have a head the size of a soccer ball.

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