One-of-a-Kind Video: Bear Bait Station Hit – GoPro Style!


Watching footage of a black bear feeding at a bait station is nothing new, but have you ever seen it from inside the bait crib? The answer is “no.”

Check out this amazing clip featuring a bait station in northern Minnesota getting whacked by a decent-size bear; guide Matt Breuer from Northcountry Guide Service placed a GoPro in the bait pile.

If you want to pursue black bears with Matt, you’ll have to wait your turn.

“The bear application process is over in Minnesota, so we’re basically full up for the season,” he said. “The only way to obtain a license for the areas we’re guiding in this season (we’re not doing the no-quota zone this year) is to get a surplus tag when they became available on August 5th at noon. But they typically sell out in 3 minutes or less.

“The draw system in MN has been getting tougher and tougher,” he continued, “and we’re now taking bookings for hunts that will occur in 2019-2020. But MN still has much better draw odds than most states, by far.”

Northcountry Guide Service has nearly a 100 percent success rate (meaning, clients see bears) when guiding in its home zones of 41 or 27, and while its no-quota zone success rate is lower, the chance at a larger bear and a color-phase bear increases.

“We have more than 30 years of bear hunting/guiding in our family,” Matt said, “and we pride ourselves in knowing what bears in our areas are doing, and how to get clients over them. Out of all of our services, bear guiding is our favorite.”

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