A student at the University of Texas is behind the sex-toy protest against campus carry, which recently became legal for students and teachers at UT.

Jessica Jin, a junior at the University of Texas, came up with the idea to “fight absurdity with absurdity.” Jessica and other students have been on campus sporting shirts with the phrase “Take It and Come,” and passing out thousands of dildos, which are not allowed on campus, for students to strap to their backpacks in order to protest the new campus carry law.

“We are strapping gigantic swinging dildos to our backpacks,” Jin said in an interview with Dallas Morning News. “Just about as effective at protecting us from sociopathic shooters, but much safer for recreational play.”

Really . . . a giant dildo is “just about as effective” as a teacher who is willing to risk his or her life to protect you? Obviously, absurdity is the goal here, but when did ignorance come into play?

Things on UT’s campus just took a wild turn from safe and secure, to looking like a set for an adult film. Someone get down there and start passing out holsters!

Image is a screenshot from Dallas Morning News Facebook video

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16 thoughts on “Video: University of Texas Students Protest Against Campus Carry with Sex Toys

  1. You are right your education is being affected! It’s affected by your stupidity. I bet all your father can think about is how well you fondle that huge tool. I bet your mom thinks you get it from her.

  2. This is our nation’s youth. Ignorant jack asses. If their college campus were sudenly infiltrated by a crazed gunman on a rampage, every single one of those sex-toy carrying libtards would $h!+ their pants and cower in a corner of the classroom like a caged rat, crying uncontrollably. Unreal. America fortitude, backbone and common-sense is now the minority way of thinking anymore. America is taking on water to the bottom of the ocean. If Hillary wins, that will be the final torpedo blow to us all.

    1. It’s the coward, sissy crybabies who think they need a
      gun to protect them that is the problem with America, What happened to “home of
      the brave”. Nothing but gun toting sissies . Why don’t you work out so you can
      be more of a man

  3. This is what these poor misguided children have been taught in federally programmed public schools . It’s time to close down the Department of (LIBERAL PROPAGANDA )Education , and start teaching instead of indoctrinating .

  4. Me thinks they could be sending the wrong message to some very mixed up individuals and could be setting themselves up to be victims of a predator.

  5. Ya gotta give her credit for taking the pro-2A playbook and running with it 🙂 I think it’s hilarious but at least they’ll end up with sex toys being allowed on campus.

  6. What else would you expect from a Texan who leans to the Liberal side? Also, a great way to get recognized and later run for Student Body Officer? OTHERWISE, this is absolutely a bunch of crap. I surely do wonder who donated the “thousands” of dildos. If whoever can sponsor that episode in progress, you can sell ’em anything! This just goes to show you the power of a few thousand horney wormen!!!!,

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