Review: Birchwood Casey Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit


Having a clean hunting rifle is important, not only for the rifles accuracy, but also for peace of mind that it will function properly when called upon. Yet when traveling far from home, keeping that rifle in top shape can be an issue without a good portable rifle cleaning kit. This is where the Birchwood Casey Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit ($64.20; product no. 41603) comes into play. The small clear cylinder is filled with the tools you might need to properly service that special rifle.

During a recent black bear hunt into the Edmonton, Alberta, wilderness, I carried a Mossberg Patriot bolt-action .30-06. Of course, I had to shoot the gun a few times after arriving to camp to ensure that the luggage handlers at the airport didn’t mess something up on my gun or scope. In addition, due to bad weather during a few days of the week-long hunt, the gun needed a thorough cleaning. Badly! Thankfully, I’d packed the Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit in my gun case.


This kit is not only made in America, but it comes with rugged components fit for a job well done. The dual axis utility handle will allow the stainless-steel cleaning rods to swivel or remain in a fixed position during use. There are bronze brushes for different bore sizes, and a brass patch puller to “sweep” the bore clean. There is even a silicone gun cloth and 25 1.5-inch patches included in the kit.

I’ve used this kit several times and love its portability, as well as the compact tube for keeping it all together. Add in some of Birchwood Casey’s Barricade Take-Alongs (gun wipes) to the tube, and your rifle will love you for it.

For more on Birchwood Casey Universal Gun Cleaning Kits for rifles, shotguns and handguns, check out the video clip below.

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