Video: Nighttime Hog Hunting Using Thermal Imaging


Because feral pigs are more active after the sun goes down, hunting wild hogs at night is usually your best bet. It’s not easy and presents a wide range of challenges, but if you have the right equipment, you will reap the benefits of hunting at night, and experience a hunt unlike any other.

This night hunting video shows some really cool footage of what a nighttime hog hunt looks like using the REAP-IR thermal imaging scope.

Be sure to use discreet lighting when stalking hogs at night because they are very sensitive to light and will spook if spotlighted. If you have to use a light, make sure you’re using a red light, as the pigs are less sensitive to it and they won’t be as alarmed.

Scent control is also much more important when hunting in the dark. The hogs can’t see much better than you, and are therefore forced to rely on their other senses like sense of smell to detect any danger.

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