Video: Seal Jumps on Deck to Avoid Killer Whales


During a family boat ride one evening, this family came across a pod of orcas chasing after a seal. The seal swam for its life, and in a desperate attempt to escape, it scrambled on the deck of a boat. The family was suddenly right in the center of all the action as the whales circled the boat looking for their dinner.

The seal fell off a few times in a panic, and the whales were right there trying to get a hold of it. They eventually gave up, and the seal swam off, forever grateful for that boat being right there when the seal needed it most.

This is some intense footage and has some Not Safe for Work language, but you would freak out, too, if you were in the middle of a whale-feeding frenzy.

P.S. Watch this video from a recent OutdoorHub article, where a penguin does the same thing!

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