A lightning strike is said to be the cause of hundreds of reindeer being found dead in the Norwegian mountain region of Hardangervidda.


The pile of dead deer was discovered by a game warden in Telemark County. It was reported by Norwegian national broadcaster NRK, that there were around 323 deer found dead and were all found within a radius of around 50-80 meters according to Knut Nylend in a sputnik news article.

Although mass deaths like this are unlikely, it’s surprisingly not uncommon for herds of cattle and deer to be killed by lightning strikes. It would be a very eerie occurrence to stumble upon a mass death of this proportion, however.

Image courtesy Norwegian Environment Agency

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3 thoughts on “323 Reindeer Found Dead After Being Struck by Lightning

  1. Wow! What else can you say?

    I’ve hiked in the mountains and had to take cover when the hair on my arms stood up warning me there was a lighting strike coming. You just don’t mess around with Mother Nature.

  2. As a hunter, it’s not only sad to me because so many died but also knowing it would be so difficult to harvest that meat to help the less fortune & it will likely ruin. Very unfortunate loss of life.

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