Check out anglers Jakob Hals and Luke Hentges as they target massive blue catfish on the Missouri River in Missouri.

The duo hooks and lands what could be the largest blue catfish ever caught on film. It measured an astonishing 55 inches long and 41.5 inches in girth!

But Jakob and Luke want to give credit where credit is due. According to their YouTube post, “Special thanks to our friends Derek Allen and Anthony Jacoby for helping us figure out fishing for these monsters on the mighty Missouri.”

As you watch the video, notice how the fishermen know immediately that the second cat that strikes is a big one. Obviously this isn’t their first catfish rodeo.

Well done, gentlemen! And love the “got meow?” t-shirt!

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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  • Jeff

    Amazing video. Trying to learn those fish myself. Great release boys. Keep it up

    • Louis Cohen

      Jeff, subscribe to me on youtube under the name southernfryedyankee. I can help you with your blue catfishing 🙂

    • Louis Cohen

      Reply on 1 of my catfishing vids and I will send you my email addy

  • Mikial

    Awesome! I remember catching catfish, bluegills and perch as a child and cooking them over a little fire with my firends. best fish i ever ate!