People On Alert After Clowns Attempt to Lure Children into Woods


Residents of a town in South Carolina are currently living in a real life horror movie situation. Reports have been circulating of clowns being spotted attempting to lure kids into the woods.

Most of the clown sightings are coming from an apartment complex, where children told an officer they had been seeing the clowns behind the apartment building trying to entice them by showing large amounts of money, according to a GCSO incident report via ABC News. Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is now currently investigating the situation and will up the patrol in the area.

This definitely tops the list of creepy stories to surface today. It’s not even Halloween yet, and creeps are already making news. It sounds like the making of a Hollywood slasher movie, although this is not scripted. These freaks are actually out there dressed like clowns and have been seen by residents flashing green laser lights, and holding chains. These clowns should probably take note that it’s almost hunting season, so they may want to vacate the woods sooner than later, before the camo army comes stomping through.

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