Video: 17-Foot-Long, 700-Pound Sawfish Looks Prehistoric


This fishing video is confirmation that dinosaurs do still exist. BlacktipH angler Josh Jorgensen hooked into a sawfish that looks like it came from a different time period.

Josh knew there was a big fish on the other end of his line after it dragged the boat around the water at will. He had an idea that it might be a sawfish, but wasn’t completely sure. He got on the phone with the FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) and found out how to handle a sawfish just in case, because the species is listed as critically endangered.

Josh and his team eventually made their way onto shore to finish reeling in the prehistoric creature. Josh pulled the fish from the depths, and as it appears in shallower water, a chill is sent down your spine.

They estimate the sawfish was 17 feet long and weighed over 700 pounds. As Josh stands in the knee-deep water next to the fish, the only thought going through my head was, “I hope that fish doesn’t suddenly decide to have a thrashing temper tantrum,” because one swipe from that guy could easily shred Josh’s legs.

When Josh goes to release the massive sawfish, we see its incredible power on display as it swims off and nearly yanks Josh off his feet.

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