Review: Browning Buck 2500RT Day Pack


I know we have all lugged loads of stuff into the hunting woods – perhaps more than we need at times. Having a good, organized way to access the essential items while in my treestand has become very important to me over the years, and I’ve found this organization in my new Browning pack.


There are two main pockets on the 2,500-cubic-inch Buck 2500RT, and the front section can be used for things such as optics, compass, tags, spare ammo, or even a flashlight when those early morning walks to the stand are a bit dark. The main pack sections are separated by zippered compartments and some sewn in dividers with a few mesh pockets. The mesh allows you to see and find smaller items faster.

The larger pocket or section in the pack is not only accessible from the front zipper, but if you unroll the top of the pack you have full on access down deep inside the main cabin. I didn’t realize this until I was trying to get my treestand safety harness out of that smaller access, and after loosening the buckles it popped right open. I used the smaller water-resistant compartment right on the top of the pack for my gum, a spare rifle magazine and backup phone battery.

One other feature I found while exploring my Buck 2500RT was the rifle/butt stock sling pocket that allows you to secure your unloaded rifle to the pack for easier transport across rough terrain. Nice.

Needless to say, the amount of stuff you can fit in this pack is incredible. The vented back plate in the pack also keeps the air flowing when the temperature begins to creep up. At $199.99 the Browning Buck 2500RT Day Pack isn’t cheap, but like everything in life, you get what you pay for. And in this case, it’s a killer hunting pack.

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