Video: Boat Trailer Comes Loose and Slams into Oncoming Truck


Bet you won’t see this coming. This video, caught by a very conveniently placed security camera, captures what could happen if you don’t make sure your boat trailer is secure.

It’s a good “wait for it” video, because you don’t know what or where to look exactly until all of a sudden you see it and your heart jumps into your throat.

Traveling at approximately 50 mph, a boat trailer comes loose and rolls over into the oncoming lane. A truck traveling in the opposite direction has no time to react and then slams head-on into the boat trailer. Remember to always check and double-check your trailers anytime you are hauling one of your toys!

Watch carefully to see what happens and you may want to rewind and watch it over again, because it happens really fast. (Video watching tip: skip to :20 seconds)

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