Video: Turkey Chicks Spitting, Drumming, Strutting and Gobbling!


Yes, I know that the number of hunters who pursue turkeys in the fall pales in comparison to those who do so in the spring. And yes, I know that many of you are spending 99 percent of your daydream moments envisioning monster bucks, bulls and bears walking through your shooting lane.

That said, I still think you’ll enjoy this turkey video. Why, because it’s so damn cute – and educational.

If you’ve ever had a mature tom turkey spit, drum and gobble nearby, you know there’s nothing else like it in the spring woods. Sure, you can hear a gobble from a distance, but spitting and drumming means a gobbler is close – like already within shooting distance – and probably behind you!

Did you ever wonder when toms learn these skills? As the Facebook video below from Joe Conyers proves, they start ‘em young! These turkey chicks (poults) are only 2.5 to 3 weeks old and already responding to Joe’s seductive hen yelps. Amazing!

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