This might be the coolest poster you could hang on your wall. The printing company Pop Chart Lab has created a poster that allows you to see every species of fish in North America. It’s a must for any fishing fanatic.

There are over 900 species of freshwater fish in North Americas lakes, streams and printed on this 39” x 27” poster. Everything from minuscule minnows to the massive white sturgeon, this poster didn’t leave out any fish.

One of the coolest features of this poster is that each fish is shown to scale, so you can look at every species and compare the size differences between the fish you plan to pursue. Visit their website to get a closer look at this really cool poster.


Pop Chart Lab is currently accepting pre-orders for this particular poster, and are set to begin shipping September, 6. With the holidays suddenly sneaking up on us, this makes a great gift for that angler in your family. I have the perfect spot already picked out for the wall in my office.

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7 thoughts on “This Awesome Poster Hangs Every Fish in North America on Your Wall

  1. To be honest, this cartoon looking fishing poster barely depicts the identifying facets of each species. Might be a good early learning educational tool, but as a species identification tool. Not very useful.

  2. I would agree. Nice idea, but you can not see details or even names of all the fish. I can get more information
    from various magazines devoted to fishing. And in a lot of states, the licensing department has all sorts of
    charts for free, that show the species along with minimum size needed to be a legal catch.

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