If you’re heading to the grocery store at any point this weekend, take a stroll down the ice cream aisle. (As if you hadn’t already planned on it, am I right?)

If you’re on the hunt for ice cream, but sick of the same old flavors – vanilla, chocolate chip, etc.  – then Blue Bell’s new Camo ‘n Cream is what you’re looking for. It won’t be easy though, as the name speaks for itself and it’s found in a camouflage container.

The brilliant new ice cream combo swirls together milk chocolate with pistachio almond and cream cheese ice creams.

“We are having a little fun with this flavor,” Marketing Director Carl Breed said in a press release. “The camo design is on everything these days, so we thought why not create an ice cream flavor that looks camouflage?”

Can we give Carl some kind of award for this? This is utter brilliance! (pun intended)

This ice cream flavor comes just in time for hunting season, and even better yet, it hides itself in the back of the freezer.

See the rest of Blue Bell‘s flavor lineup, and see where you can pick up your favorite flavor on their website.

Image is a screenshot from Blue Bell Twitter Post

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5 thoughts on “Just in Time for Hunting Season, Blue Bell Reveals New Camo Ice Cream

  1. Didn’t Blue Bell Creameries of Brenham, Texas get Sited for Health Code Violations by BOTH the US.FDA, the State of Texas and by the Health Department of the City of Brenham too. For Testing Positive for “Listeria Monocytogenes” Poisoning of their Dairy Products…

      1. Blue Bell Creameries was Founded in 1907, and for 108-years had a Spotless Record of Efficiency and Cleanliness. When in 2004 Ed F. Kruse retired and son Paul W. Kruse took the Reins of the Business. Things started to go Down Hill on a Slippery Slope. In 15 May 2015, Ceo Paul W. Kruse started Laying-Off Trusted Employees and Took On a Silent Partner Sid Richardson Bass (Banker). First FDA Health Sanitation Notice was Received in 20 April 2015. Followed by another in 29 December 2015, and another in January 2016. Then the City of Brenham Health Department Took Notice, follow by the State of Texas Health Department. 108-years of “Perfection”, followed by ONE-Year of TOTAL CHAOS…

    1. i work for a major supermarket chain and i give the Blue Bell man grief when he shows up. “Did you wash your hands?””YES!” Still good stuff, though!

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