The Grand Slam Club was founded exactly 60 years ago by Bob Housholder, and it’s an “organization of hunter/conservationists dedicated to improving and perpetuating wild sheep and goat populations worldwide, as well as North American big game.” In March 2001, the Grand Slam Club and Ovis, Inc. merged into one organization and is now known as Grand Slam Club/Ovis.

Grand Slam Club 9-6-16

Recently on the organization’s Facebook page, GSCO shared video of an amazing close-range encounter featuring George Lawrence III as he completed his Grand Slam of sheep (Dall’s sheep, Stone’s sheep, desert bighorn, Rocky Mountain bighorn) with a handgun!

Lawrence is hunting in Washington for Rocky Mountain bighorn. As the video shows, a big ram feeds right into the hunter’s lap. In fact, it seems the sheep is so close that Lawrence can’t utilize his scope, or perhaps the angle isn’t quite right and a bit of the rock outcropping is in the line of fire. Regardless, after the sheep runs off a bit, Lawrence is able to steady is handgun on his bipod and aim from the prone position to make a lethal shot.

Image is screenshot from video on YouTube

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