Video: Hunter Saves Deer from Python Death Grip


This is definitely not something you want to walk up on while you’re hunting. According to Naples News, a Miami hunter was walking through the woods when he came across a deer with a large python wrapped around its neck.

Pythons are a big problem in Florida. They moved in and are completely overrunning the Everglades, which seriously upsets the natural balance of the ecosystem.

You can watch in this unbelievable video, as the hunter walks up – completely stunned by what he’s witnessing – and starts firing rounds at the huge snake. The python releases its death grip on the deer and kind of slithers off, obviously wounded by the shots. It was eventually killed by the hunter, but not seen in the video.

Then, as if this video wasn’t already intense, you can see the deer lying on the ground, sort of dazed by what had just happened. The hunter tries an attempt at coaxing it back to life, when suddenly, you can hear the deer get up and frantically run away.

Not exactly what you plan for when you are heading into the woods, but it’s good to know that pythons seem to be allergic to gun shots.

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