This is definitely not something you want to walk up on while you’re hunting. According to Naples News, a Miami hunter was walking through the woods when he came across a deer with a large python wrapped around its neck.

Pythons are a big problem in Florida. They moved in and are completely overrunning the Everglades, which seriously upsets the natural balance of the ecosystem.

You can watch in this unbelievable video, as the hunter walks up – completely stunned by what he’s witnessing – and starts firing rounds at the huge snake. The python releases its death grip on the deer and kind of slithers off, obviously wounded by the shots. It was eventually killed by the hunter, but not seen in the video.

Then, as if this video wasn’t already intense, you can see the deer lying on the ground, sort of dazed by what had just happened. The hunter tries an attempt at coaxing it back to life, when suddenly, you can hear the deer get up and frantically run away.

Not exactly what you plan for when you are heading into the woods, but it’s good to know that pythons seem to be allergic to gun shots.

Image is a screenshot from the Naples News video

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29 thoughts on “Video: Hunter Saves Deer from Python Death Grip

  1. These invasive snakes are killining off native mammals. Raccoons, rabbits, foxes and even the Florida panther could all be at risk. They could lay the Everglades barren.

    1. They’re makin it sound worse than it is. They do have predators and the feral cats and pigs are just as bad. The pythons could actually be of help in that area. Florida is already a wasteland of nonidigenous species of all types anyway.

  2. Invasive snakes? Hmmm….sounds alot like another species that like to spread like a virus everywhere. The snake was simply trying to survive, unlike the human that shot the snake, which did it out of sport and felt like shooting something. Bet he didn’t even bother salvaging the snake meat from it, waste of a life if you ask me. The snake would’ve at least made use of his kill.

    1. They do not belong here,if I see a python,anaconda,killer bees,a freaking lion,I’m going to kill it,we got a awesome ecosystem in the US,if u want to live in south America with the anaconda and bullet ants,or Africa with there very aggressive to humans triggers,you be my guest,but keep it over there where it belongs.

      1. They don’t belong here? What kind of argument is that? Humans don’t belong in the woods, may want to shoot them as well. Taking over animal habitats with their housing and roads, settling where ever they feel like it. Shooting it is not the answer.

      2. Don’t belong in the woods! How stupid is that? ! Why are you city slickers even on this site! My wife and I live in the woods. Mountains of Montana.100% off grid, solar power, and hunt to fill freezers with years meat supply. And even here? We work to keep out things that were brought in by man. Animal and plants! It’s plain to see that you have never spent time in the mountains. You prefer to live in your concrete asphalt city! Were milk comes from a box. Meat is ready made in a Styrofoam clear plastic containers! Spend some time in the woods! Camp for a few days! Wake up early. And watch as the woods come alive! Don’t just look, SEE and feel nature come alive! But remember, sometimes nature needs our help keeping what GOD has given us on a even plan. And remember this! Take out all the things you carried in! And take what some other city slicker left behind!

      3. I love the woods myself but I don’t think that I could live there camping there for a few days would be great, but I’ll have my M16/M60 and some hand grenades just in case I have a run in with a bear or a big snake or a lion. Boy that would make a very good meal.

      4. I have native American ancestry. Do I not belong in the woods? My people were managing the forest long before our European brothers came along. We kept the forests clean of underbrush, did controlled burns, and even managed the populations of predators such as wolves.

        If I belong in the woods, it is for other people as well. Why do modern city dwellers have such a disconnect with nature?

    2. Hey moron! You are supposed to kill them and some people don’t like snake meat. Why don’t you go out there and give em a real big hug and STFU!

      1. Yep! Just like that gorilla they had to kill. It really pisses me off. People get what they deserve then. No wonder animals attack humans.

      2. And innocent people in the area suffer the consequences, along with other native wildlife. Better to just shoot the humans responsible.

      3. Do you just not get it or what? They don’t belong here! They are killing off the wildlife in the area. Did you know there were King Cobra’s released there too? How would you like to have one in bed with you?


    3. I echo Bite Me’s response, but let me be more diplomatic (sorry Bite Me). The Eveglades is a very delicate ecosystem. There have a number of invasive species released there (and other ecosystems) including pythons. People who can’t take care of their pets may think that it’s a good idea to release it/them into the wild to give it a chance for survival when it can cause severe damage, house cats and English ivy (yes, a plant) being other perfect examples. Every ecosystem seems as if it has an invasive species whether intentional or not. It may be our fault, but it is also up to us to educate ourselves to stop the spread of species that an do reprehensible damage to the places we love. Also, if I may, the best way to educate people is not through name calling, but through proper discourse. Calling people derogatory names turns them off to the subject that you are passionate about.

      1. It may be our fault, but it is also up to us to educate ourselves to stop the spread of INVASIVE species that an do reprehensible damage to the places we love.


    4. Screw those invasive pythons. And we don’t equate the human species with low life snakes. We humans are at the very top of not only the food chain, but the animal kingdom. Those pythons need to go and killing them with a shotgun to the head is just downright fun and LEGAL! They are an invasive species! Now get out of our way because there’s snake killin to be had. By the way, only rattlers taste good. I wouldn’t eat a python. That’s like a carp!

    5. You’re just one more Alex! If you came across a hiker on a path who was being attacked by a cougar, would you not try to save the live of the person? Put these in perspective, Mister!!!!

  3. Florida Wildlife and Fisheries had a big coordinated hunt earlier this year to eliminate as many of the evasive snakes as possible since they are migrating into residential areas killing pets etc.

  4. It’s just a deer and a snake, kill them both and walk away. You could kill three more of each and it wouldn’t have an effect on anything by next week other than smaller organisms eating the corpses. Everyone calm down.

    1. Why kill them and walk away ? I don’t know anyone who goes out hunting or a walk in the woods to kill something and just walk away. I do understand the process you mentioned but the kill them and walk away part without taking the meat was something I hope you don’t do. I hunt but these animals aren’t never ending resources. I’m having a hard time including the snake for any mercy but the deer should so if you were just talking about the snake I wouldn’t have commented. Let the snake people take up for the snakes.

    2. My God, Alex, I’d hate to be you and live with your attitude! Just a deer? Just a snake? The snake I’ll go along with, because he as a predator could kill a child or YOUR DOG! The deer, you should be ashamed to think that. He’s an
      animal who can give nourishment to a family if killed after a fair chase. You’ve got to be from the bowels of some very large city……….you just don’t know!!!

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