Every now and then, Mother Nature likes to show off and create astonishing works of art like the “Duck Bill” or “Thor’s Fist” rock formation along the coast of Oregon.

It’s unfortunate when groups of kids have to come along and act like these hooligans in this video. According to KATU News, a man reported seeing the vandals trying to tip over the rocks, and initially laughed to himself, then he saw the formation shift. He happened to be helping a friend film parts of the coast with his drone, when he caught these idiots doing this:

The iconic rock formation was a popular tourist attraction, and was a great spot to take photos. It got its name because it literally looked like a duck, and the fact that it was in Oregon only added to the irony.

This group of tough guys might be in a bit of hot water now, because The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department takes vandalism pretty seriously. The department will review the incident and decide how best to take legal action.

Image from michellepearl Instagram

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4 thoughts on “Video: Teenagers Caught Destroying Iconic Rock Formation

  1. Federal prison! Let them be Big Bubbe’s roomie for two three years! When they get out? Make a video of them! Showing other fools what will happen if they do stupid things like this! And pay a HEAVE FINE! With 5 years of keeping the whole area clean! Walk in and out every day. Give them more time to think about what they did! They have no respect for what God has give all of us! They have no respect for their selfs!

  2. Let nature take its course , take them twenty miles out to sea ,lay a chum trail the last five miles , let them swim back . Show video on seven o’clock news .

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