A group of men were goose hunting in Iceland when they stumbled upon a pretty awesome find.

Apparently, the five men didn’t shoot any birds, but made up for it by finding a huge Viking sword. One of the men took the finding to his Facebook page and then swiftly received a call from the Iceland Cultural Heritage Agency, which then took possession of the artifact.

According to BBC News, the agency’s director, Kris Huld Sigurdardottir, says only 20 swords of this age have been found in Iceland before this one, which adds to the value of this discovery.

The sword is said to be dated back to at least the 10th Century, and the exact location where the sword was found has not been revealed.

Image from Arni Bjorn Valdimarsson Facebook page

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7 thoughts on “Goose Hunters Find Thousand-year-old Viking Surprise in a Field

  1. “He who would take the sword from me had best give me the axe first,” he said grimly, “and that suddenly!”

    ~Robert E. Howard – “The Gray God Passes”

  2. well thats a big bunch of bullshit! if i found something like that there is no way someone is coming in to take it away from me unless they put a BIG chunk of cash in my hand first!

  3. I guess if found on Public Land, it belongs to everyone in Iceland. If on private, it is nonsense. The article stated the Museum had 20 already. That isn’t enough!…

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