Courtesy of State Rep. Sonya Harper (D-Chicago), the idea to have all bullets traced using bullet serial number technology has been resurrected as an attempt to minimize violence in Chicago.

Promoting the new law along with Harper is the CEO of Ammo Coding Systems, a company that – not surprisingly – makes and promotes bullet tracking technology.

State Rep. Sonya Harper believes that this is the answer to solve the notorious violence problems in Chicago. According to a WGNTV article, Harper stated the following in a press conference: “We just want to know how the guns and the bullets are getting in the hands of our youth and causing senseless harm and murder on our streets.”

These ACS worms have been around for a while, always trying to wiggle their way around and push legislation on various state and local politicians. Any new law to put individual serial numbers on bullets could potentially create chaos for law abiding gun owners, causing people to have to fill out paperwork for ammunition the same way you would when purchasing a gun. It would also hike up the cost of ammunition for gun owners.

Harper introduced the bill on Tuesday during a press conference.

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6 thoughts on “State Law Maker Aims to Add Tracking Number to All Ammunition

  1. Spare us! Good grief! I’ll tell you how the Chicago feral youth are getting their hands on guns….. THEY STEAL THEM! Right off their neighbors dead body. These thugs aren’t going down to the local gun shop that’s for sure! Not for bullets either. The only folks they could track would be law abiding citizens. More “absolutely nothing” from the left…..

  2. THE REAL REASON IS AS SIMPLE AS THE BULLET ITSELF. MAKE THE COST OF AMMO SO HIGH ONLY THOSE CORRUPT POLITICIANS AND THEIR BODY GUARDS CAN AFFORD THEM. the first thing we need to do is take the guns away from the politicians and their body guards and then lets see how they feel. we pee-ons do not matter to them. the poor, well who cares about them?? certainly not those corrupt pieces of democraps. so as a sign of good will. let them get rid of their body guards and their guns first. now i am sure there are anti gunners that would do that but let us have our law makers remove their security before disarming the public if they truly want to make the streets safer. starting with obum bum. he kills thousands by selling guns to known criminals. WTF???? he just wants to plan the sympathy card more times. of course there will be the sheep that believe this crap, just keep following the goat he knows where we are going.

  3. There are literally billions of rounds of ammunition out there now. So who in the heck is going to use these numbered cartridges in a murder? Only the ones who have stolen them from some poor schmuck who was unfortunate enough to be robbed.

  4. The solution in Chicago is simple ,in fact for all cities having increasing problems with crime related murders . There is a common factor prevailing those cities …… the political party in power . Take that group of politicians out of power and watch the decline . We saw it in New York City when they elected Giuliani mayor .

  5. Two simple soultions:
    1. Vote out of office / impeach all current politicians supporting the current Democrat Party.
    2. Incarcerate all criminals to the maximum years for every offense and life for 3 strikes.

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