Monkey Caught on Trail Cam and Nobody Knows Where It Came From


If we were listing the weirdest trail camera photos taken this year, this one might just take the cake. (Or the banana, perhaps.)

In Doughterty County, Georgia, if you’ve been seeing a monkey running around town, rub your eyes and check your vision all you want, because you are not just seeing things. Recent reports of people seeing a monkey have been officially confirmed, as the little guy decided to visit a deer feeder and have a trail camera photoshoot.

Georgia State DNR have no ideas as to where this Rhesus macaque monkey came from, and they are cautioning people not to approach it, if seen.

This recent monkey business has everyone asking, where did this monkey come from? Is it some kind of escapee from a zoo, living life as an outlaw? And just how long has it been on the run?

This furry primate is still on the loose, so those are all questions nobody knows the answers to yet.

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