Veteran Takes One Final Fishing Trip as Dying Wish


Remember the joy you felt when you caught your very first fish? It just sticks with you, doesn’t it? No matter when or where, it’s like a piece of you will always remember that feeling.

We came across a truly touching story that will give your heartstrings a little pull.

A U.S. Navy Veteran Connie Willhite was fighting a battle with cancer, and it had taken a sudden turn for the worst. He had two requests that he wished to fulfill before he passed: To be baptized and to catch one more fish.

Upon request, his family arranged the baptism, and his hospice worker organized Connie’s last fishing trip.

He was set up on a small pond located just behind the VA Medical Center, and handed his trusty old fishing pole. Given his grave condition, the staff stood watch, not sure if he would catch any fish in this small pond, but they knew the opportunity alone meant a lot to Connie.

He caught four fish. All from his hospital bed.

While he was catching those fish, it was almost as if the cancer just disappeared for the moment. That special feeling was recaptured, and was running heavy through Willhite’s heart, making his face light up.

Connie Willhite died a few days later at the age of 68. Godspeed sir, keep reeling in those fish, and thank you for your service.

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