Video: Trail Cam Films Monster Oklahoma Buck


Each Wednesday on OutdoorHub you can learn about how to grow and kill more and bigger deer from Dr. Grant Woods. The man knows whitetails. Period.

Not long ago he wrote the following regarding a video clip that landed on his laptop: “Picking my jaw up off the floor! One of our good buddies just sent this from Oklahoma. A monster free-range whitetail. Any guesses on what he scores?”

This amazing buck has certainly shed his velvet since this video was taken, and because the Oklahoma archery season doesn’t get rolling until October 1, we can only hope that someone is successful in patterning this deer during September.

P.S. The buck in the background is no slouch, either!

If you’re interested in seeing more great content from Dr. Grant Woods, be sure to check out Growing Deer on CarbonTV.

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