Following all of the controversial protests recently taking place, a man in Maine has come up with a little protest of his own. He’s protesting against an “assault rifle ban”, and but not everyone is happy.

According to NECN, Linc Sample created a sign that reads “Black Riffles Matter,” and it’s apparently “offending tourists in the area.” Sample says the sign is about gun rights, not race and people are missing the point. That sounds pretty similar to the protests that are currently happening during the National Anthem in the NFL, and suddenly people want something done about this sign.

People are in an uproar because they say the sign takes a shot at the “Black Lives Matter” movement but Sample thinks they should be “flattered I used the phrase.” He points out, “they’re being targeted for their appearance, fair enough, so is my rifle.”

Town Manager Thomas Woodin said it’s gone as far as “people cutting their vacation short and leaving early.” But since Sample has all the proper permits for the sign and is just exercising his rights to free speech, the sign will stay put. Take your toys and go home.

Image is a screenshot from NECN Video

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4 thoughts on ““Black Rifles Matter” Sign Causing Uproar in Maine

  1. Family on vacation passes by a sign on someone’s private property and doesn’t like what it says. So what do the idiots do? Kill a 2-week vacation with paid reservations 3 days into it and head home, with the kids crying all the way.
    These are the kind of morons we have populating the USA today(and Worse, voting!).
    Like the saying goes: “Can’t fix stupid.”

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