Another Bigfoot sighting came from a trail camera in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it created quite the buzz for at least a few days.


It turned out not to be the great Bigfoot sighting of 2016 that everyone was hoping for, as a photo taken 13 minutes later on the same trail shows it was, in fact, a bear.

Detroit Free Press reports that, though people thought they finally captured the hairy beast on camera, Yoopers still have plenty of other unsolved sightings to keep them speculating. There have been so many Bigfoot sightings in the Upper Peninsula that the Animal Planet show “Finding Bigfoot” recorded an episode in Au Train in 2013, and the first-ever Bigfoot Convention took place in August in Newberry.

Image from Crypto Sightings

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26 thoughts on “Trailcam Bigfoot Sighting in Michigan Causes a Stir Online

  1. I don’t know but the bear picture looks a lot different to me then the first one body wise but I suppose a whole lot can happen in 13 minutes.

      1. It’s the front leg of the bear inverted a bit pulling the bait away from his body to the right. It looks like the elbow is lower but that is because the bear has a small torso and is very thin…likely due to his young age. It is an awkward looking pic of the bear though for sure! I hope people don’t think I look like bigfoot when I look awkward in a photo. 🙂

  2. I agree with the others, those pictures do NOT show the same creature. Yes, one is a bear, but the other two are NOT a bear by any stretch of the imagination. I live and play in bear country and know what a bear looks like —- this is NOT

  3. That is 100% a black bear at a bait station. The pics are 10 minutes apart. I hunt black bear myself and his right paw is scratching down at the bait pile which looks to be getting low. Their front legs can look very long, especially on a juvenile bear like this one. It looks odd because his head is turned away from the camera as he is looking down at what he is pawing at.

    1. how many bears have you really seen outside of a zoo or your tv screen? There are no bears on the planet with that leg structure or length.

  4. Bigfoot is not real you boobs! With all the hunters, hikers and campers, at riders, 4 wheel truck driving sane people out in the wild everyday there isn’t a single non blurry, head on, standing still shot of a 9 foot gorilla in existence. Do ya know why? Because he isn’t real.

    1. lol.. there is a fish that science tried to tell us was extinct 60 million years ago… LOL and then someone caught one a couple of years ago. Nobody saw it before that time so like your thoughs on the ability of a wild animal to hide from humans it may not be as you claim. Now by the way they say WOW the fish survived 60 million years instead of looking at the possibility of it not being nearly as old as they ( the evolution is more than a silly theory part of scientists) maybe the evidence piling up on them disproving their theory should for once be truly investigated and accepted. Just as they now no longer date dino bones because they constantly come back 6k years + or – 4k years. lol…

  5. I’ve seen some male/female gender of human in the UP that came pretty close to that photo. Never know what you will see “up on Hillbilly Hill”

  6. The image taken at 7:53 is not of a bear. Only resemblance is the fur; other than that the legs and visible arm are way too long. If it were a bear the ass would be at the same height as the knees in that pic. The appearance is more ape like or that of a human in a fur suit.

  7. camera 2 at 8:06 shows a bear. the leg structure is much different and much shorter than the first pic. not claiming its a Sasquatch just not the bear in pic 3.

  8. That first pitcher don’t even look like a bear. The third one is but the pictures are different. Not the same bear. The first one doesn’t even look like a bear

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