This is a really cool gadget for anyone who likes to keep the blades around their house in peak, sharpened condition.

TSPROF sharpening system comes all the way from Russia, this knife sharpener is really cool looking, and does a really good job of sharpening virtually any knife you have in your kitchen or hunting locker. It’s a lengthy video, but it’s really neat to see how this thing works, and it’s truly impressive!

Check it out, and maybe you’ll find yourself ordering one and staying up all night sharpening every blade in sight like the guy in the video.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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4 thoughts on “Video: This Impressive Knife Sharpener From Russia is a Game Changer

  1. If one needs that Frankenstein contraption to sharpen knives properly, one probably shouldn’t be handling knives to begin with. What a bunch of crap gadgetry. Waste of money. Learn how to sharpen a knife properly with a wet stone and by hand. That device looks like one is putting their knife through traction. I can’t imagine having to pull out and set up that toy each time I want to sharpen a blade. Ridiculously clever ….for taking someone’s money. What a joke.

    1. Why have a CNC machine? They cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just use a file. [Same kind of argument carried to a logical extreme].

  2. Looks like a giant version of a Lansky sharpener to me. Love my Lansky, but I guess I could bolt it to a barber’s chair and have one like this?

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