Video: Liberals Polled on the Street Believe Donald Trump Jr. Killed a Triceratops


Liberals were making a really strong case against Donald Trump’s sons for going to the Safari and killing a triceratops, you know, the dinosaur with three horns protruding out of its skull that went extinct about 65 million years ago.

Media analyst Mark Dice went around asking San Diegans (San Diego-ins?) what they thought about this “horrible kill,” and if they thought it was right for the Trumps to kill this animal. Their answers were pretty shocking, and watching this video just made us laugh and shake our heads. Is this really what this world has come to? Maybe these people should be extinct along with the triceratops. Oops spoiler alert.

In case you were wondering what the people of San Diego are actually called, we looked to none other than Ron Burgundy for the answer – Thanks Ron.

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