Liberals were making a really strong case against Donald Trump’s sons for going to the Safari and killing a triceratops, you know, the dinosaur with three horns protruding out of its skull that went extinct about 65 million years ago.

Media analyst Mark Dice went around asking San Diegans (San Diego-ins?) what they thought about this “horrible kill,” and if they thought it was right for the Trumps to kill this animal. Their answers were pretty shocking, and watching this video just made us laugh and shake our heads. Is this really what this world has come to? Maybe these people should be extinct along with the triceratops. Oops spoiler alert.

In case you were wondering what the people of San Diego are actually called, we looked to none other than Ron Burgundy for the answer – Thanks Ron.

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26 thoughts on “Video: Liberals Polled on the Street Believe Donald Trump Jr. Killed a Triceratops

  1. Why am I not surprised that democrats in San Francisco – or for that matter – anywhere else that liberals dominate the politics of all levels of government? For a group of people that claim intellectual superiority over the rest of us, they sure are ignorant, and wilfully so. The ease with which these people can be made to believe in the obviously fallacious is troubling. This is an indication that there should possibly be some limits on who can cast a ballot in this country. This is a prime example of the reason why we have such a high rate of failure in serving the needs of the public and why the politicians feel free to lie, cheat and steal.

    1. At one time, only property owners could vote in the United States. Presumably, someone smart enough to acquire and maintain property is smart enough and responsible enough to make reasonable choices at the polls.

    2. Don’t flatter yourself. There’s just as many stupid Republicans out there as there are Democrats. The fact that you think they shouldn’t be allowed to vote is much more troubling.

  2. funny only if he was alive about 68 million years ago… when they walked the earth… Democrats will dig up about anything to make Republicans look bad.. I am so sick and tired of this crap.. I am so sick of this election.. Both parties are making me SICK!! Both of them need to be spanked.. They are acting like spoiled rotten children.. He said she said.. He took my toy she looked at me wrong… She is touching me… He is breathing on my… GROW the heck up.. I feel like buying them a set of suckers and telling them to put them in their mouths and to not take them out till after the election… SHUT THE HECK UP!!!

  3. Expected of Southern California residents. They elect for office people like Gov. (Moonbeam) Brown and Nancy Pelosi. Their brains have become addled by the earthquakes.

  4. Dear world: If you actually believe DT jr killed a triceratops, just please KILL YOURSELF. Your DNA is a blight on the world’s gene pool.

  5. im sooooo happy to not live with idiots in california. You may ridicule the south,,,but its proly because you have never been here,,,and dont know it well. Im here because i want to be,,,,and not with those idiots. Ive been to calif,,,and worked there,,,never again..

  6. If you listen closely you can hear a sound that very much resembles the ball circling the wheel in roulette , occasionally there is even a clatter like the ball falling into the slot . Then there is a remarkable response .

  7. Mr. Dice needs to go to a University and interview the students, especially those who are studying Paleontology. You know the idiots would bite.

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