Who needs a retriever dog when the ducks just fly right into your hand? This duck hunter doesn’t need any help with his shooting or catching skills. He shoots the ducks out of the sky, and then catches them one handed like an NFL receiver.

This is a once in a lifetime shot and catch! And If you’re building a case for reasons why you need to purchase a GoPro for this hunting season, this is a perfect example of why you should always have a camera strapped to your head when you’re outdoors. You never know what could happen!

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “Video: You Have To See This Duck Hunter Shoot and Catch a Duck One-Handed

  1. Actually, being a waterfowler for almost fifty years, I have seen this happen several times. If you hunt managed areas where your blind is in the standing corn. Birds will come in very close and when shot, drop like a rock many times over your head.I have never tried to catch the dead bird as it would be quite dangerous with a shotgun in your hand. But have been hit more than once by a dead bird. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, very dangerous with loaded guns!

  2. Amazing video, but that’s extremely dangerous. I’ve heard of falling ducks and geese, even doves, hitting people and dislocating shoulders and breaking arms. Sometimes sharp broken wing bones impale people or slash them. I heard about one story where a wing bone hit a person in a vital artery and the person bled to death before they could medical help. Once, my 12-year-old son shot a specklebelly goose that was straight over the blind about 40 to 50 yards high. It came down like a howitzer shell. He attempted to reach out of the blind and grab it in the air. It was coming down at probably more than 50 mph like a large cannonball. I grabbed him and pulled him away at the last second. The goose made a big crater in the soft mud behind the blind. Without moving from my position, I just reached out of the pit and grabbed the dead goose to add it to our bag. Easiest retrieve I’ve ever seen, but my son’s first goose could have ended in tragedy.

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