Make room in the record books. Michigan has a new smallmouth bass state record.

The Detroit Free Press has reported that Robert Bruce Kraemer reeled in the new record bass weighing just shy of 10 pounds!

Michigan fishing records are recognized by weight only and Robert’s fish beat the previous two state records by .65 lbs, and .73 lbs, respectively.

“In just the last four years, anglers have caught a total of 16 state-record fish, a remarkable number of big fish in a relatively short time,” Jim Dexter, chief of the DNR Fisheries Division, said in a statement. “This is just more evidence that Michigan is home to a healthy, robust fishery – a resource and sporting opportunity that continues to draw people from all over.”

Robert Kraemer vacations in Michigan during the summer and owns a cottage on the Indian River – where he caught this record setting hog.

Image from Maryann Struman Twitter

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