New York City authorities are claiming that the IED explosion in Chelsea, New York, contained a common and legal substance known as Tannerite.

Made up of a mixture of high-grade ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder that is sold separately and then mixed on-site just before use, Tannerite can only be detonated by a high-velocity bullet.

Tannerite is very popular and often used in target practice to mark a shot with a cloud of smoke and small explosion. Although Tannerite is very stable, it is not to be played with, as discovered by the guy in a recent OutdoorHub article who severed his leg shooting his lawnmower full of Tannerite.

It’s important to note here that Tannerite can’t be detonated using methods such as a fuse, an electrical current (such as a cellphone), or any low-velocity handgun bullet moving less than 2,000 fps. The big one in there was cell phones, as both recent bombings used cell phones as detonators.

With all this being known about Tannerite, it’s odd that officials would believe this highly stable substance was used in the recent explosion. Or is this just a way that Democrat politicians are attempting to get this substance banned?

Image courtesy Michael Appleton/Mayoral photography office via Facebook

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19 thoughts on “Officials Claiming Tannerite Was Used in NY, NJ Bombings

  1. Proof that “officials” know as little about tannerite as they do about “assault weapons”…. They may as well have said that a woman that was refused an abortion was used in NY/NJ bombings.

  2. Since there is some versions of Tannerite that can be set off with .22LR I imagine there is a way to make it less stable and be able to set it off with something other than a centerfire bullet. What is the possibility a det cap could have set of the tannerite for the larger bang.

    1. If you change the composition it isn’t Tannerite then, is it…
      They are trying to ban a popular target marker, when used correctly it is just fun…
      It’s like saying when a drunk drives a car into a crowd on purpose to kill bystanders then all cars are used for killing bystanders… it’s a bad argument…

      1. The 22lr stuff is the Tannerite brand. Some people say just by leaving it out and letting it absorb moisture it makes it less stable. People in comments above are saying it could not be Tannerite because “It has to be set off by centerfire” but it seems like it could be since there is another product under the Tannerite brand that is set off by a .22LR. I am not saying they should ban it. I am just acknowledging it could have been used to make the explosive. It will not do any good to ban this product as you can buy the components separately. If you are arguing against it being banned then at least acknowledge it could have been a precursor that was used.

      2. From Tannerite: You can shoot it will a .22 rifle or 9mm +P hollowpoint from a pistol, and it will not go off. The minimum threshold to consistently detonate a Tannerite is a FMJ bullet moving at a bare minimum of 2,000 feet-per-second.
        So no, a 22LR will not set off Tannerite…
        Also it has been determined that the explosive used was a HMTD, or hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, it is a high explosive that is relative easy for terrorists to “home brew” from instructions found on the Internet, similar to triacetone triperoxide (TATP) used in the London subway bombings, the “Shoe Bomber” attempt to blow up an airliner, and the train station and airport bombings in Brussels earlier this year.

      3. Although I will add that Tannerite has little .22LR poppers, but they are not a volume product and behave differently than the mixture which they are talking about.

      4. you did see where they said “Contained” right? Not made exclusively from… several things use smaller bangs to set off bigger ones including nukes. Then again both the .22 version and and regular is called tannerite but what the hell. The fact is was not shot with a bullet should stop them from banning it according to the arguments I am seeing… good luck with that

      5. Tracy, you have to know how explosives work to understand that somebody wouldn’t put the .22LR version of the targets into an explosive. it would be too elaborate, to many other easier ways to set it off… you would have to have a device that would set off a gun type device (a bullet doesn’t achieve velocity without a barrel) that would shoot the target, then it would set off the explosive…
        They could rig a phone to a firecracker and get the same result, see what I mean??
        That having been said, the “trace elements” they found they are linking to Tannerite is Ammonium Nitrate, which is a fertilizer, which is found in pretty much every food grown in the US… and as I have said have pretty admitted it is another compound used that is less stable and easier to set off…

  3. Right on the Tannerite page it says you can’t use anything less than a 2,000 FPS cartridge. That excludes all .22 caliber. Closest I’ve heard of is Aguila Super at around 1,700 FPS.

  4. Any number of common items can cause an explosion. There was a famous South Carolina case where a multiple conviction serial killer rid himself of a fellow prisoner using the cellulous wrappers of cigarette packs. These were placed into a radio he had and was set to detonate when the radio was turned on. His problem was fixed permanently, the fellow prisoner was killed and he was later electrocuted for his many offences.
    While I was on active duty prior to an early retirement we were taught that flour run through a HVAC system could be detonated with a small Dutch grenade or what we used such as a small flash bang. As I had once seen a Cotton Gin explode due to the abundance of dust this information did not surprise me. My point is that many ordinary things can be used in explosions and Tannerite would one of them but it normally is a stable substance.

  5. Tannerite is a chemical reaction brought on by extreme compression…
    And then the chemical excitement that it creates. This is total BS…

  6. The original article here states: “Tannerite is very popular and often used in target practice to mark a shot with a cloud of smoke and small explosion.”

    It should read, “…often used in target practice and by complete jack azzes that make YouTube videos with it of blowing $h!+ up, thus firing up politicians and the libtard news media to call for a ban on the stuff!”

    It’s just like the idiots in California that were pushing the stupid movement of “open carry.” When all that did was push politicians to create a law that now outright bans carrying an unloaded gun on the hip with a loaded magazine in one’s pocket for protection and in places like the deserts and Forrest. Yes, that used to be legal here! Making “in your face” videos about all this, just firs up politicians into a feeding frenzy. Just keep your mouths shut for once! Thanks to all you stupid idiots for keeping politicians busy, by making more laws to take away our 2nd A rights. Keep it up. Stop giving politicians new ideas.

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