There is nothing like sharing the experience of the outdoors with your children. It can make for some of your proudest moments as a parent. This is a great story of a young girl’s first hunt, and how she bagged a turkey AND a 7-point buck in one hunt, a memory not soon forgotten!

This weekend was the beginning of Michigan’s Youth and Liberty hunts for ages 16 and under, as well as disabled veterans. Jayana Johnson, 6, of Carson City, stepped foot in the woods, and was looking to take full advantage of the early opener.

Jayana’s dad, Aaron, told MLive, “We got to our blind Saturday evening about 5:15 p.m., at 5:45 she spotted a turkey and it came into shooting range at about 15 yards.” He quickly gave her a few words advice on where to shoot at the turkey, and she executed like a hunter with a lifetime of experience. Her excitement could not be contained as you can see from the video below.

They quickly retrieved the turkey and continued on with their deer hunt.

Two hours later, a 7-point buck worked its way toward Jayana and her dad, and it eventually presented Jayana with a 25-yard broadside shot. Again she made an excellent shot, and the deer didn’t run more than 40 yards.

The smile on Jayana’s face shows just a small portion of her excitement that evening. Good work, Jayana!


Image from MLive Twitter

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