Video: Tree Hugger 360 is a Treestand Game Changer


Darrin Griesemer, the inventor of the Tree Hugger 360, has developed a product that could change how ladder treestands are made in the future.

Ever watch a deer walk right toward you, but then it makes a last-second turn and goes behind you, never presenting a shot? The Tree Hugger 360 Deer Stand solves that problem by allowing a hunter to quickly and quietly move 360 degrees around a tree to shoot in any direction required. Moveable chairs make this treestand ideal for those hunting with a child, or if you bring your buddy along to film your hunt.

Sure, it’s going to take some work getting this large deer stand (two independent ladders) around a tree, but once you get it up and secure, the Tree Hugger 360 could be a dream ambush stand. What do you think?

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