Mike Rowe Pulls Shotgun on Drone Filming Outside His Bedroom


Well-known TV personality Mike Rowe shared an interesting story on Facebook yesterday.

He was awakened Tuesday morning by the sound of a loud humming noise. Still partially asleep, he jumped from his bed, naked as a baby bird, and threw the drapes aside. He was faced with a camera pointing right at him, hanging from a drone.

Rowe grabbed his shotgun, pumped a round in the chamber and then ran out on his back porch. (All the while still naked.) He took aim at the flying Peeping Tom, but at the last second, he stopped, realizing that what he was doing was very Gary Busey like and lowered his shotgun. He could already see all the headlines that would come from such an event – “Dirty Jobs Guy Strips Down Naked and Shoots Drone From the Sky.”

Instead, Mike took out his phone and shot pictures instead.

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