Well-known TV personality Mike Rowe shared an interesting story on Facebook yesterday.

He was awakened Tuesday morning by the sound of a loud humming noise. Still partially asleep, he jumped from his bed, naked as a baby bird, and threw the drapes aside. He was faced with a camera pointing right at him, hanging from a drone.

Rowe grabbed his shotgun, pumped a round in the chamber and then ran out on his back porch. (All the while still naked.) He took aim at the flying Peeping Tom, but at the last second, he stopped, realizing that what he was doing was very Gary Busey like and lowered his shotgun. He could already see all the headlines that would come from such an event – “Dirty Jobs Guy Strips Down Naked and Shoots Drone From the Sky.”

Instead, Mike took out his phone and shot pictures instead.

Image courtesy Wikimedia

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46 thoughts on “Mike Rowe Pulls Shotgun on Drone Filming Outside His Bedroom

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    1. right by hovering the RC aircraft just a couple feet outside his bedroom window. Next time try reading. I know it’s hard, I’m dyslexic and I read it so I know you can too!

      1. Where else would they hover to get a shot of the house next door dummy? My neighbors had a drone filming their house and of COURSE it hovered by my bedroom, living room, pool etc to get a wide enough angle. Damn you’re stupid. Dyslexia does not seem to be your only handicap.

      2. If they were taking pictures of next door, why the hell was the camera pointed in his window, genius? He saw the red light that signifies it’s powered up and recording, and you can’t see that unless it’s pointed at you, moron.

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        “Ugh you’re such clueless idiot. Cameras have tally lights on both ends
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  1. The article said he was stark naked. Then they said he pulled his phone out….. From where? I would have shot it down…. Ya know… Since he already had his shotgun pulled out….

    1. Ya know, I kinda wondered the same thing about the cell phone. As far as shooting the drone down, that would depend on where you live. In town where they frown on discharging firearms, I guess not. Out in the country though, I would have bagged me a drone. Might have even had it mounted.

  2. He should have blasted it to smithereens! There needs to be laws put in place! It should be a felony to record video, just like it is for a peeping Tom! This is no different!

  3. I’ve had that problem at times also. I build AR’s 10’s and 15’s. I own 80 acres and test fire my firearms a couple of times a week. Soon, I will hear a whirling sound in between firearms and see a drone come waltzing in looking at me. Especially if I’m shooting a select fire for some Police Department. I think it’s funny, and could care less.

  4. Mike Rowe has shown his quality of character by maintaining his self control, and being the first to tell the world the story. I’m impressed. I doubt I would have acted with the same level of restraint and calm. Following the drone back to it’s operator, while naked and packing a shotgun, is probably closer to what I would’ve done…

  5. I have a “Bouvier des Flandres” named Maximilianus (Maxie) that Got Whacked in the Side of the Head by a Pesky Drone. A Natural “3E’s” (Evidence Eradication Engineer), if You EVER Saw One. The Guy Piloting the Drone, DIDN’T Fair Well Either…

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