The NRA just nailed it with this series of advertising campaigns. Our Second Amendment rights are at risk, and we need to be more aware of it. These 30-second spots are really eye-opening and hopefully will get through to people enough to wake them up.

Hillary Clinton is coming after our Second Amendment rights. She has said so on numerous occasions, and you can see a handful of examples in this NRA article. It’s really alarming that she wants to take away law-abiding citizens’ guns and leave them all vulnerable to the monsters of this world.

To raise awareness of these questionable proposals, the NRA has released the following 30-second commercials.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “Video: NRA Slams Hillary Clinton in These New Commercials

  1. As a lifetime member of the NRA (I am 83) and a dedicated hunter, shooter and outdoorsman I hate to write this, but the fact that my NRA has endorsed Trump, an idiot, a con man, a serial liar, and a danger to our nation and the entire world, upsets me more than I can say. I say this despite my realization that Clinton would like to do away with my 2nd Amendment rights, and I despise her for this. What a rotten choice these people have left us with.

    1. For being 83 you have learned nothing over your life time. Clinton is for her pocket and she will tell any lie it takes to get there. Like him or not Trump is tired of this country getting beat up by democrats. TRUMP 2016.

  2. This is just “Obama’s comin’ fer yer guns, boys” version 3.0. It is used to create demand in a market that has maybe gotten a little flat. Buy, buy, buy! Gun and ammo manufacturers can raise their prices do to the “shortage”

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