If you have any questions about the gray wolf population in Wisconsin, this is evidence that it’s doing pretty well.

Wolves have been on the Federal Endangered Species List since 2014, making hunting and trapping of the animal illegal. Since then, some concerns have been raised of the growing number of gray wolves in the Great Lakes region.

This video shows footage of a big wolf killing a young, and seemingly healthy, whitetail buck. This is Mother Nature taking its course, but is there cause for concern over the current wolf population? Obviously, if you’re a deer hunter in Wisconsin, you’re not too happy to see something like this happen.

Image courtesy Jason Brenic Facebook

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5 thoughts on “Video: Wolf Takes Down Young 9-Point Buck

  1. These animals and their prey have existed for thousands of years before man showed up. Now, humans say they compete with Man for food. And want them all dead. Humans are the ones who need controling in the amounts of deer they take out of the mouths of Wolves.

    1. As usual Candy you lack facts in your comment. Hunting is a regulated sport where the number of deer killed by humans is controlled, where humans don’t hunt 24/7/365.
      Also if you do some research you’ll probably find wolves and man crossed into the America’s about the same time. All that time humans have been killing wolves to manage the wolf population.

    2. I, as a creature on this planet, have just as much right to kill a deer as a wolf. I belong here. I am a part of nature. Why do you think the wolf has more rights to eat than me? If the wolf doesn’t want me to take his food, he should evolve to the place where he can conquer me. But he won’t “evolve.” Therefore, humans remain at the top.

      1. Awesome. Go read and think a little more and then let’s have a discussion. I post with a legitimate argument, you respond with insults. Very intelligent. Oh, sorry, I know you’re not listening.

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