Lionfish are an invasive species doing a lot of harm to underwater ecosystems. They’re basically the feral pigs of oceans reefs.

This underwater Glock-fishing video was originally made to see if this group of guys could shoot a Glock underwater, and once they realized it was possible, it developed into much more.

With no known predator, the lionfish has been eradicating baitfish all across the ocean. These guys do their part in slowing the lionfish devastation by bringing their Glocks underwater with them and firing away. The guns had to have a few modifications done to them, and then they were ready to go.

This video shows some really cool slow-motion footage of the guns being fired underwater, and they look like they shoot fine, just ask the lionfish.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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17 thoughts on “Video: Underwater Glock-Fishing For Lionfish

  1. Wow, I’m pretty surprised that Outdoor Hub of all people would run such irresponsible content. When spear fishing, anglers are advised to take great care not to hit reefs with their spear in order to avoid causing irreparable damage to sensitive reefs that are already struggling to survive as it is. To entertain fools with a Glock shooting at reefs and without a doubt damaging them heavily is not good journalism from a site that should be promoting responsible actions rather than further damage to our aquatic playgrounds. Getting rid of lions is important but trashing the environment that supports other fish at the same time achieves cancels that action out.

  2. And the bullet travels 7 feet which you can catch in your bare hand at 3 feet. Thus the reason they are within a foot or so from the fish. Do some research on under Balistics before going on a rant. There is no one else doing anything to slow the progression of this fish so good job. And of course they eat what the catch or “shoot”

  3. Nicely done! We need more environmental management in place of leftist controls. It’s funny…the commies always scream about the environment, but their only solution is to charge people money. They never actually solve any environmental problems.

    Maybe we should shoot leftists. For the environment.

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