Video: German Shorthair Learns How to Use Ice Dispenser


German shorthaired pointers are great dogs. They’re extremely smart and always want to please their owner. (Aside from the dog in this video.) With that being said, they often prove to be too smart for their own good, and we have an excellent example right here.

Tami Lewis Conti posted a video to her Facebook page of this GSP that figured out when you press that button on the freezer, ice cubes come falling out! That’s better than hitting the jackpot for these pointers. These dogs are notorious for being a little bit “derpy,” and this is exactly why.

I love GSPs, they’re great hunting dogs, they have a personality that is unlike any other dog, and when you get them out on a bird hunt, they’re all business. Other times, in between hunts, they’re pretty good at making you scratch your head. Just ask this GSP owner.

P.S. If you think GSPs like ice cubes, try making a bag of popcorn. Just trust me.

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