Maybe it’s just me, but this video of a huge snake taking a fish out of this guy’s hand gives me the creeps.

A large watersnake comes up from out of the water, peers at the old man sitting on the dock, then takes a snack right out of his hand. He claims that the snake “remembers him,” which suggests he’s been doing this for a while, adding to the creepiness of this video.

The best part of the video, was the man telling everyone how he “taped up his britches” so the snake couldn’t get up his pants.

It’s just one of those videos that makes you smile, laugh, and cringe at the same time, check it out!

Image from What We See Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Video: Watersnake Takes Fish Right Out of This Man’s Hand

  1. “Gives me the creeps”? Speak for yourself. Not everyone would agree. This is not actually that unusual and I have seen this sort of thing more than once. If you were more in touch with nature in general, you would know this, but apparently you are not.

    1. They were speaking for themselves. Just because snakes give some folks the creeps doesn’t mean you know more….. Your attitude is just different, Mr. Natural. If you are so in touch why don’t you write about it as a professional and then the folks can criticize you if they don’t agree….

  2. I am not a professional herpetologist but I have handled many snakes since I was a youngster , including many large venomous snakes . Watersnakes are often quite aggressive and yes I would take precautions against one inside my pants . That said , many snakes can become quite accustomed to people and even interact , like being fed by hand .

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