Video: Chad Mendes Alaskan Moose Hunt, Part 2


Recently, we saw Chad Mendes go on an Alaska moose hunt, and he just released part 2 of his self-filmed hunting trip. This time, Chad hits the water, catches some pike and then has a little encounter with a big grizzly.

This trip is the definition of living the dream for an outdoorsman . . . hunting, fishing and eating damn good wild game meals in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. This is how it’s done in Alaska. You definitely don’t go there for the city life experience, you go to Alaska to take in all the outdoors and wildlife you possibly can.

From the sound of it, this isn’t the last of Chad’s self-filmed hunting videos. He plans on filming a Utah mule deer hunt with Finz and Featherz soon, and we’re excited to see that footage, too.

Keep up the good work, Chad!

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